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Palestinian TV educates public 911 was an inside job

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Zaid Hamid tells the truth - and does not mince words!

Zaid Hamid, like all well-informed Pakistanis, is furious that the Zionist-dominated USA is attacking Pakistan as part of the 9/11-triggered War on Islam. CIA-backed fake "radical Muslim insurgents" are murdering thousands of Pakistanis in false-flag attacks; CIA agent Raymond Davis was actually caught red-handed preparing one such attack!

Sir Zaid has been exposing the big lie of the "war on terror" for many years. When the US government and Zionist-dominated media lied about the raid on the alleged "Bin Laden compound" in Abbottabad, setting up Pakistan to take the blame for supposedly harboring Bin Laden, Zaid Hamid went on the verbal warpath.

Note that Zaid Hamid's analysis of the Abbottabad raid is supported by America's leading investigative reporter, Seymour Hersh, who says that the official story of the raid is "one big lie - not one word of it is true."



Zaid Hamid’s warning to Indians and American Zionists

 Posted on May 5, 2011

 Representative of the patriotic Pakistanis, Sir Zaid Hamid warns the enemy after the OBL Drama in these words.

“This is our message to the Muslim world as well as a warning to the American Zionists and Indians. Pakistan is under attack at the moment; the last frontier of the Muslim world is being attacked from all axes. It is a 4th Generation War, in which terrorism, violence and insurgencies are being waged against the Pakistani state. A massive economic propaganda warfare has been launched as well. The entire Middle East is being reshaped. Muslim lands are being cut into smaller countries. American media, a disinformation machine, is waging a global war of lies and deception and deceit. Iraq was destroyed and decimated in a war which was based on Weapons of Mass Destruction [WMD]. No less than Colin Powell lied in the United Nations, fooled the Muslim World and lied to the whole world. America waged an illegal and unjust war in which a million Muslims have been killed in Iraq and has decimated the Muslim land totally. The wars have been waged against Libya and Somalia; on the other hand, Palestine and Kashmir have been burning issues for the last sixty-four years.

Now, all the Zionist guns are targeting Pakistan. Pakistan is the only Muslim Nuclear country; a country with a very organized army and a patriotic nation. Pakistan is now being presented as a terrorist state, just like Iraq was presented as a nation having Weapons of Mass Destruction. It was a softening up process before the invasion. The American bluff in Pakistan, the propaganda disinformation they are spreading about Osama bin Laden and Pakistan being the epicentre of terror, everything is being done to soften up Pakistan for an invasion, just like the invasion of Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya.

We Pakistani patriots are warning the Indians and the Americans. We are not Iraq, we are not Afghanistan!

We are an Islamic army, nuclear armed. Your supply lines in Afghanistan go through Pakistan. Your hundred and fifty thousand troops will be slaughtered and butchered if we do to you what we did to the Soviets. Do not forget that Pakistan broke down the Soviet Union. We changed the geography, we changed the politics and we can do the same to you!

Your 60% fuel and 80% supplies go through Pakistan. We know your deceptions and bluffings against Pakistan; the entire Osama bin Laden drama that you have created, is based on deception and lies.

Why are you not telling the world what happened in Abbottabad? Your helicopters were shot down ! Your troops were killed!

You will never acknowledge this! The world media would not talk about your own troops being killed and your helicopter being shot down!

In the last ten years, so many of your top ranking officials have acknowledged at least half a dozen times that Osama bin laden has died. No less than Madeleine Albright had acknowledged way back in 2003, that Osama bin laden had died but the news was being kept secret to boost the credentials of the president or the next president before the presidential elections. At the present, Obama’s ratings were hitting rock bottom; he needed a drama, a facade, Osama bin laden being killed in Pakistan to boost his own ratings. And on the other hand, to create this global environment that Pakistan is a terrorist state. We know what you are going to do next; you have already mobilized the global media; now you are going to mobilize United Nations. You have already bought off the Pakistani government, which is compromised and treacherous.

But we the Pakistani patriots and every segment of the Pakistani society, the Armed Forces, ISI, strategic assets, Air Force Navy, Establishment, students, traders, farmers and the simple Pakistanis know how to live with dignity and die with honour!

By God, you will regret the day you were born, the day you decide to put your feet on Pakistani ground!

We know, you are already waging a massive war against us. Pakistan is facing multiple insurgencies on every axis. Tehriq-e-Taliban Pakistan [TTP], the only terrorist organization in the world which has promised to avenge the so-called death of Osama, the Baluchistan Liberation Army [BLA] and the terrorists who are now waging havoc in Karachi; we know that they are ALL funded and backed by you, Indians and the CIA!

Today, you are hurting us, yes. But you are hurting us because of the traitors within our ranks; because of traitors within our government and media. But that does not mean that Pakistani patriots, people who live and die for Islam and their ideology, are going to take it lying down. We are not!

We have the will, the potential, and the capability to do with you what we did to the Soviets. We are warning you now! Back off! Do not threaten Pakistan! Do not weave a web of deception around us! The entire axis of global Zionist media, politics and diplomacy is now being launched against Pakistan. But we are ready to live and die for honour, our ideology, our faith, and our land. You can push us to a limit, but fear the day when we decide to respond!

In the next few months, we know that you would be creating a global environment to wage a physical war on us. We know, we will take many heads; we have taken many heads but that has strengthen our resolve to stand up, keep our flag up high. Your unjust wars on the Muslim lands have woken up the sleeping Muslim nations from their slumber. And now wrath of God awaits you in Pakistan if you ever decide to put your feet on ground!

As far as the traitors are concerned who are collaborating with you today, their days are numbered too! It’s only a matter of time!

We Pakistanis want to live in peace, but we will not tolerate you invading our lands! You have no business to be in Pakistan! Now that you have officially claimed another lie that Osama has been killed, which you have claimed a dozen times before as well! But now that you have done it officially, you have no business to be in Afghanistan.

You do not speak our language, you do not have our passports, you do not share our faith. You are an occupation force here. You are here in this region to destroy our ideology, identity and life style. You are here in this region to control our fuel and fossil assets. You are here in this region to control the global water ways that we control. You are here in this region to destroy our nuclear weapons. You are here in this region to contain China and Russia and to defend Israel. This hoax of so-called War on Terror, is only to achieve the grand strategic objectives that you have for the twenty-first century.

You have no business to be in this area, in this region, on our lands. You are occupation forces. So we are giving you the last warning now. We want to live with dignity, we want to exist in peaceful co-existence; but not at the cost of our honour and the dignity. We are sending you a last message, especially to the Indians as well.

Do not try to ride on the American shoulders! Do not exploit Western hatred for Islam for your own objectives! By God we will cut you down to the size of Sri Lanka! We have ruled over you for thousand years and we will rule for another thousand! If today, you feel that you have a nexus built with the Western powers to encircle, isolate and destroy Pakistan, you are delirious and you live in a world of fools!

We Muslims, only come on our own when we are threatened. You have created a combined threat against us but never forget the history. For thousands of years, Muslims from the West have been charging and capturing Delhi, and by God we will see you in Delhi very soon!

You will start the War, [we are telling this to the Indians as well], but then you will have no control over it., We will finish it for you!

That is our last message for you! If you have any sense, pay heed. Else, you have been advised! Pakistan Zindabaad!!"

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ACTION ALERT! Please help end the massacres in Egypt

President Morsi, the first democratically-elected leader in more than 5,000 years of Egypt's history, has been overthrown in a Zionist coup d'├ętat.

President Morsi's biggest crime? His support for 9/11 truth.



Assalaamu Alaikum wa Rahmatullah wa Barakatuhu

The massacre of unarmed men, women, and children protestors perpetrated by Egyptian security forces in many Egyptian cities on Wednesday and Friday, August 14 and 16, 2013 is an unimaginable and heinous crime.

We, the American Muslims, strongly condemn this mass murder of innocent people of Egypt. We call for the protection of human life and freedom of expression and assembly in Egypt.

As a Muslim and a human being, we should and must let our voices be heard by the American and Egyptian authorities to stop this bloodbath immediately.
The minimum we can do is to make du'aa for the victory of Muslim brothers and sisters who are striving to establish justice and corruption free society in Egypt and also please write and/or phone calls to:

1)    Egyptian Embassy: Tel.: 202-895-5400; Fax: 202-244-4319;

2)    US Secretary of State: 202-647-4000; 202-647-6575
3)    The White House: 202-456-1111; 202-456-1414
4)    Saudi Embassy: Tel.: 202-342-3800; E-mail: 

Please spare some time and watch the following moving video on the topic. May Allah reward you for your good deeds. Aameen.

Best regards,
Info. Desk, Muslim Leaders of NY

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Tsarnaevs 9/11 truthers, not terrorists!

More evidence has emerged that the Tsanaev brothers are innocent patsies, not terrorists.

Today's Boston Globe story presents the testimony of Donald Larking, a friend of Tamerlan Tsarnaev. According to Larking, Tamerlan was a kind, gentle, pious individual - and a 9/11 truther.

It should go without saying that Muslims who understand that 9/11 was an inside job would never, under any circumstances, carry out terrorist attacks targeting civilians. They know that such attacks serve the interests of the Zionists and the military-industrial complex, and harm the interests of Muslims.

The fact that the Tsarnaevs are 9/11 truthers is 100% slam-dunk-positive proof that they are innocent.

And the fact that Craft International, Inc. was caught red-handed planting the bombs is further proof, if any were needed.

-Kevin Barrett

Tsarnaev friend tells of beliefs in conspiracies

It was a most unlikely friendship.

The elderly man was an invalid and a lifelong Catholic recently converted to Islam. The younger man was a robust Russian immigrant, as proud of his muscled physique as he was devout in his Islamic faith. But somehow in the back row of a Cambridge mosque over a series of Friday afternoons, the boisterous boxer and the suburban senior developed a rare connection.

“Tamerlan Tsarnaev was my friend and we talked about everything from politics to religion,” said Donald Larking, 67, who began attending the Islamic Society of Boston mosque in Cambridge a couple of years ago at Tsarnaev’s suggestion. “He was very, very religious. He believed that the Koran was the one true word and he loved it.”
Tamerlan Tsarnaev
AP / File photo
Tamerlan Tsarnaev

Larking has been identified in news media reports as a confidant of Tsarnaev, but he has never, until now, spoken publicly about their bond, and his apparent influence on the younger man. It was Larking who introduced Tsarnaev, who has been implicated in the Boston Marathon bombings and died in a shootout with police in April, to several right-wing publications colored by conspiracy theories.
‘He believed that 9/11 was an inside job and that the government had pulled it off.’ —Donald Larking, friend and confidant of Tamerlan Tsarnaev
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Last year he gave Tsarnaev a subscription to The American Free Press, which has been criticized for promoting anti-Semitic conspiracy theories, for a Christmas gift. He also loaned his young friend his own copies of “The Sovereign, newspaper of the Resistance!” which suggests on its website that US military explosives were involved in the World Trade Center collapse. But Larking said that Tsarnaev, who was 24 when the two men met, had strong political views long before then.

“He believed that 9/11 was an inside job and that the government had pulled it off,” recalled Larking. “His mother believed that, too. He didn’t like George Bush for torturing prisoners, but he didn’t really like Obama either.”

Investigators have speculated that Tsarnaev and his younger brother, Dzhokhar, who has been charged in connection with the bombings, were probably inspired by extremist Islamic propaganda. But Tsarnaev’s conversations with Larking suggest the elder Tsarnaev may have had a more complex political world view, colored in part by his belief in domestic conspiracy theories. The FBI declined to comment yesterday.

Larking was introduced to the Tsarnaev family in 2011 when friends recommended Zubeidat Tsarnaev, Tamerlan’s mother, to help care for Larking’s wife, who is a quadrapalegic. Zubeidat, who supplemented her income with work as a home health care aide, worked for the Larkings in their West Newton home on weekends. At times, one of her sons covered her shift. When she returned to Russia last year, Tamerlan’s wife, Katherine Russell, took over the job.

Larking is also disabled. In 1974, according to the family’s lawyer Jason Rosenberg, Larking was shot in the head during a holdup of a convenience store where he worked as a manager. Larking suffered some loss of mental acuity and now speaks and walks with some difficulty, Rosenberg said.
In Larking’s several conversations with the Globe, his account seemed consistent and clear.

In recent years, according to Rosenberg, Larking has deteriorated emotionally and has become interested in anti-Semitic and conspiracy-minded websites. But Rosenberg confirmed the accuracy of what Larking said about his relationship to the Tsarnaevs.

Although raised a Catholic, Larking says he became disillusioned with his church years ago when it became the subject of sex abuse scandals, and he converted to Islam. Tsarnaev urged Larking to attend the Cambridge mosque, which he himself had begun to attend — albeit fitfully — a couple of years earlier.

Because of his physical disabilities, Larking sits on a chair in the rear of the mosque while others pray upon the floor. On the occasional Fridays that Tsarnaev was present for the afternoon service at the mosque, he frequently joined Larking at the end and helped him walk to a handicap van waiting outside to take him home. Tsarnaev fondly dubbed Larking “Dawud,” David in Arabic.
Tsarnaev also urged Larking to grow a beard saying, as Larking recalled it, “that all Muslim men needed beards. So, I said, ‘OK.’ ” When Larking began growing a beard, Tsarnaev came to his home every several weeks to trim and take care of it.

“He was very kind,” Larking said.

Katherine Russell, who married Tsarnaev in 2010, converted from Catholicism to Islam for reasons similar to his own, said Larking. Like him, she was deeply disappointed over the scandal that engulfed the church and she was worried that the daughter she had with Tsarnaev would not be safe in the church in which she had grown up.

“She wanted a church with more morals,” recalled Larking. “She felt the mosque would be a safer place for her daughter to go to nursery school.”

One of Tsarnaev’s stronger political beliefs was that America was too involved in the affairs of nations around the world and should mind its own business. He often criticized Obama for US intervention in Afghanistan and Iraq, Larking said. During the 2012 presidential campaign, Tsarnaev spoke in support of conservative Ron Paul, a fierce proponent of non-intervention overseas.
About a year ago, Tsarnaev handed his Cambridge landlord, Joanna Herlihy, a copy of the book, The Protocol of the Elders of Zion, a tract that purports to describe a plan by Jewish leaders to take over the world. Long ago discredited, it was first published in Russia over a century ago.

“This is a good book,” he told her, as she recalled.

Herlihy said she warned Tsarnaev that the book was seen as “propaganda.” Still, she took the book and tried to “plow through it” this past winter, committed to understanding it enough to have a “serious conversation” with Tsarnaev. However, she never did finish the book and feels badly she missed the chance to engage him, and perhaps dissuade him, from such extreme ideas.

“I’ve regretted it,” she said.

A voracious reader, Tsarnaev kept many of the publications Larking shared with him in his Cambridge apartment. But when federal investigators ransacked the place after the April bombing, some residents in the building noted with interest that they left behind some of Tsarnaev’s non-Muslim extremist readings.

“I think it’s interesting the FBI didn’t take them,” said Harvey Smith, a longtime tenant of the same building. “Maybe it’s because it didn’t fit into their thinking about him.”

Globe reporter Patty Wen contributed to this story.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

US News covers planned 9/11 truth march!

US News - one of the three top US newsmagazines - just published as story about the upcoming Million American March Against Fear, scheduled for September 11th, 2013 in Washington, DC. ! I plan to be there - and will stay over in DC for the DC Conference over the weekend. See you there! -Kevin Barrett

Washington Whispers

'Million Muslim March' Scheduled for Sept. 11 Reorients to Seek 9/11 'Truth' 

The American Muslim Political Action Committee is hosting what it hopes will be a gathering of one million people in Washington, D.C., on the 12th anniversary of 9/11 to urge the government to reveal "the truth" about the attacks.

"We want to hold President Obama accountable for his empty promises of creating a transparent government," march organizer Isa Hodge told U.S. News. "What exactly have we spent all our money, lost lives and taken lives for? The entire record of the 9/11 Commission has never been released."

Protesters will also denounce "FBI traps," "illegal tapping and surveilling of Muslim Americans" and "media propaganda making the word terrorist synonymous with Muslim," he said.

The march was announced as the "Million Muslim March" earlier this year, but its name has since been changed to the "Million American March Against Fear," according to Hodge.

[TSA: Don't Fear Ramadan Practices]

The organizer said north-central Pennsylvania's Williamsport Tea Party has joined with planners, in addition to groups that adhere to conspiracy theories about the 9/11 attacks or oppose the National Defense Authorization Act, which authorizes the president to approve indefinite detentions.

"Depending on my work schedule, I will be attending the event," Nick Defonte of the Williamsport Tea Party told U.S. News. "We all deserve to be judged on our own merits, and that is precisely why I will show my solidarity with peaceful, Constitution-loving citizens."

"We're waiting on Minister Louis Farrakhan [of the Nation of Islam] to respond to our request," Hodge said. "His ministers below him are interested in being involved, we're just waiting for Minister Farrakhan to OK it."

Farrakhan keynoted the 1995 "Million Man March" and his group provided much of the organizational muscle needed to deliver nearly one million attendees to the National Mall for that event. U.S. News was unable to reach the Nation of Islam for comment through its Final Call newspaper.

[MORE: U.S. News Coverage of Islam]

Hodge said he's also trying to persuade former Texas Rep. Ron Paul, R-Texas, to attend.

One major Muslim advocacy group, the Council on American-Islamic Relations, will not be joining the event.

CAIR spokesman Corey Saylor told U.S. News his group definitely will not participate, but expressed support in theory for the idea of a "Million Muslim March."

AMPAC has applied for space on the National Mall for the demonstration. The National Parks Service, according to Hodge, has scheduled a July 28 phone conference about the request, citing "a few questions" about the application.

The National Parks Service requires a permit for all large events on the Mall, spokesman Carol Johnson told U.S. News. "We get lots of permit applications daily, so availability is always changing," she said in an email.

With the scheduled demonstration less than two months away, a Facebook event advertising the march indicates attendance might be more than 999,000 short of one million, although several ifs could bolster attendance. The event encourages readers to "help us get the truth about 9/11."

Hodge has little patience for allegations of insensitivity in picking the date.

"There were Muslim firefighters, police officers, first responders," he said. "That day was not only an attack on Americans but a deeper attack on Muslim Americans... we were not only victims but made villains."

Monday, June 3, 2013

The murderous roots of takfiri sectarianism

Who's behind the insane, murderous sectarianism that's spreading like a cancer in the Middle East?

In two words: Oded Yinon.

So which Muslim power centers are complicit in Israel's Oded Yinon plan to balkanize the Middle East?

To find out, ask yourself: Who is exposing 9/11, and who is covering it up? Who is resisting Zionism, and who is tacitly cooperating with it?

The Zionist-occupied puppet states - the Gulf monarchies - were junior partners in Israel's attack on America on 9/11/2001. They are propping up the Rothschild petrodollar. And today, they are doing Israel's bidding by broadcasting takfiri messages (presumably both subliminal and conscious) designed to brainwash sunni Muslims into hating Shi'a Muslims.

The lunatics who are trying to "kaffirize" their fellow Muslims are the ones placing themselves outside of Islam. To borrow a phrase from FDR: The only thing we have to takfir is takfir itself.

-Kevin Barrett, Muslims for 9/11 Truth

Respecting differences

by Zafar Bangash,

June, 2013

The tendency among some Muslims to insist that their particular understanding of Islam is the only correct way has caused numerous problems. These are compounded by rigidity leading to unnecessary conflict when Muslims should be tolerant of different approaches.

Every Muslim sincerely and consciously commits to the One God — Allah (swt) — the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) as the last and final messenger for all humanity, and the Qur'an as the revealed word of Allah (swt) to guide humanity till eternity. Problems arise in the Muslims' selective understanding and application of Qur'anic teachings and the role of the noble Messenger (pbuh) in their lives. This is further complicated by some Muslims' insistence that their particular understanding is the only legitimate way to interpret and implement Islam in real life. When such attitudes harden into fanaticism, it leads to disunity among Muslims and divisions in the Ummah.

Many different approaches can be identified but the most serious differences exist among those Muslims that are striving to establish Islamic states in their societies. Is there only one way to achieve this? Often adherents of different approaches seem to think theirs is the only correct way and all others are wrong. Our readers know where we stand. Our position is clear from our writings in this magazine as well as from our other works such as the tafsir of the noble Qur'an by Imam Muhammad al-Asi or the books we have produced on the Sirah of the noble Messenger (pbuh). But we also take the position that no matter how strongly we may disagree with other Muslims' point of view we do not exclude them from the fold of Islam or from adding their views to the larger ferment of Islamic ideas.

Denouncing other Muslims as kafirs has regrettably become fashionable among some groups (the takfiris). They go further: based on such denunciation, they think it is permissible to kill the Muslims so identified. Such behavior has no sanction in the Qur'an or the Sunnah and the Sirah of the noble Messenger (pbuh). There are a few conditions in which killing others (anyone) is permitted: three of these include engagement on the battlefield, treason, and the murder of an innocent person. In the latter case, the Qur'an stresses forgiveness over revenge.

So how did Muslims end up with this strange takfiri ideology that is spreading like a virus in the Ummah? A closely related phenomenon is that of sectarianism. It is used to create hatred against a targeted group of Muslims to justify acts of violence against them — including killing them. Muslims would do well to identify the forces that are pushing them toward sectarian warfare: imperialism and Zionism. True, different sects have always existed among Muslims but their differences never took on the virulent form it has taken on today. Whose interest does it serve for Muslims to fight each other? Let us be blunt: some Muslims that call themselves Sunnis are busy instigating hatred against other Muslims that carry the Shi`i label. This is most clearly visible in places like Syria, Iraq, Lebanon and Bahrain. The launch of this campaign can be traced to the success of the Islamic Revolution in Iran, a Shi`i majority country, in 1979. Iran's success exposed the fraudulent claims of the puppet Arabian regimes to being Islamic. The only way they could undermine Islamic Iran was by playing up the sectarian card.

Regrettably, some Sunni `ulama including those that have built a reputation for learning have also joined this campaign. Changes in Iran, Iraq and Lebanon have led them to describe these as the "Shi`i project." When a tyrant like Saddam Husain was in power in Iraq, many of these `ulama remained silent. Today, they seem to have fallen for the lure of comfortable living under the patronage of petro-rulers and joined their vicious sectarian game. Instead of urging Muslims to confront imperialism and Zionism and their local agents in the Muslim world, they are busy pushing Muslims into the flames of sectarianism.

We have no doubt that committed Muslims will ultimately triumph over the imperialists, Zionists and their munafiq agents in the Muslim world, as promised by Allah (swt) in the noble Qur'an (47:07, 61:13), but before that victory is achieved, Muslims would have paid a terrible price in life and blood. Committed Muslims have an obligation to properly understand the global reality and take the necessary steps to guard against all such schemes aimed at dividing them. Such divisions only serve the agenda of a more and more desperate West, whose policies have failed. Leading Muslim institutions, such as al-Azhar in Egypt, have a responsibility to come out clearly against such attempts at creating divisions and work for social and religious harmony among Muslims. Al-Azhar has a rich history of working to bring Muslims together. The legacy of Shaykh Mahmoud Shaltut needs to be revived and built on. Now is the time to do it.

Zafar Bangash is Director of the Institute of Contemporary Islamic Thought


Friday, May 31, 2013

Did "FBI" gangster hitmen silence Todashev to cover up Boston false-flag?

Abdul-Baki Todashev and his executed-by-FBI son Ibragim
More evidence confirming that the Boston Marathon bombings were a state-sponsored false-flag attack has emerged, as father of slain witness Ibragim Todashev has provided photographic proof that mobbed-up FBI agents murdered his son in a gangland-style hit.

CBS News reports:

Ibragim Todashev's father: FBI killed my son "execution-style"

The father of a Chechen immigrant killed in Florida while being interrogated by the FBI about his ties to a Boston Marathon bombings suspect said Thursday that the U.S. agents killed his son "execution-style."

At news conference in Moscow, Abdul-Baki Todashev showed journalists 16 photographs that he said were of his son, Ibragim, in a Florida morgue. He said his son had six gunshot wounds to his torso and one to the back of his head and the pictures were taken by his son's friend, Khusen Taramov.
It was not immediately possible to authenticate the photographs...

The FBI has functioned as an appendage of organized crime since the days of J.Edgar Hoover, who famously declared that "there is no organized crime in America" even while partying with the nation's biggest gangsters. The FBI helped murder John F. Kennedy, Robert Kennedy, and Martin Luther King, among others, and helped cover up other crimes of state including 9/11 - where it destroyed Pentagon security video footage and other "non-plane-crash" evidence - and the Paul Wellstone assassination, where the FBI clean-up crew left the Twin Cities heading for the crash site before Wellstone's plane had even been taken down. The FBI is also implicated in the anthrax cover-up, the creation of virtually all "Muslim extremist terror plots" in America, the Oklahoma City bombing, and countless other crimes.

Why would FBI hitmen murder Boston bombing witness Ibragim Todashev? Probably because Todashev knew too much about how rogue CIA agent Graham Fuller and his colleagues were controlling Tamerlan Tsarnaev, and setting up him and his brother Dzokhar to take the blame for Craft International's bombing of the Boston Marathon.

The FBI assassins who silenced Todashev had better stay out of helicopters. Just a few days ago, their FBI gangster colleagues that murdered Tamerlan Tsarnaev, who had been arrested naked and unarmed before he was butchered, "fell out of a helicopter" and died. The obvious silencing of those who knew what really happened to Tamerlan Tsarnaev was reminiscent of the silencing of the Navy Seals credited with killing the already-ten-years-dead Osama Bin Laden...who shortly thereafter died in a helicopter crash in Afghanistan, hundreds of miles inland. (What would Seals be doing in a helicopter hundreds of miles inland?!)

Anyone who doubts that the FBI and other federal agencies are run by mobsters needs to read Hit List: An In-Depth Investigation into the Mysterious Deaths of Witnesses to the JFK Assassination. Many dozens of witnesses to the JFK assassination were systematically eliminated in gangland-style hits sanctioned by the highest federal authorities. (The real number of murdered witnesses may be in the hundreds, but those that can be proven beyond any doubt number at least several dozen.)

Wayne Madsen and other journalists have established that the "Chechan terror groups" linked to the elder Tsanaev brother, by way of his CIA controllers Uncle Ruslan and  Graham Fuller, were actually PRO-USA TERROR GROUPS RUN BY THE US GOVERNMENT AGAINST THE RUSSIAN GOVERNMENT. (See Madsen's article below - please subscribe to support his work at )

At this point, it's beyond obvious who the real terrorists are.

* * *

Tsarnaev Brothers and "Chechan terrorism" : Wayne Madsen reports

April 21-22, 2013 -- Special Sunday-Monday Edition. Tsarnaev brothers tied to anti-Russian operations in Boston, Finland, UK, and Israel

The pre-Boston Marathon activities of Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, the two brothers accused of detonating two homemade pressure cooker bombs near the finish line of the Boston Marathon on April 15, have been linked to anti-Russian operations with their bases in Boston, Finland, the United Kingdom, and Israel. Most of these operations, designed to overthrow the government of Russian President Vladimir Putin and establish a Salafist Islamic Emirate in the Russian Caucasus, including Chechnya and Dagestan, where the Tsarnaev family has family and residential roots, respectively, involve the activities of the Chechen "government-in-exile."

U.S. law enforcement has linked the elder Tsarnaev, allegedly shot and mortally wounded by police after engaging them in a shootout on April 19, to electronic communication with the Caucasus Emirate of Doku Umarov, a Chechen guerrilla leader who has been responsible for a number of deadly terrorist bombings inside Russia.

From its creation in 2007 to 2011, the U.S. State Department did not list the Caucasus Emirate as a foreign terrorist organization. In the meantime, other exiled Chechen groups that were, at the very least, ambivalent to the terrorist activities of the Caucasus Emirate, received aid and assistance from various anti-Russian non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and those within the U.S. State Department who handle political asylum requests. The Caucasus Emirate adheres to radical Salafist Islam and is believed to receive support from Saudi Arabia.

Specifically, U.S. law enforcement believes that Tamerlan Tsarnaev was communicating with the Kavkaz Center, a website based in Helsinki, Finland that has been criticized by Finnish Lutheran minister-turned-Russian Orthodox priest Juha Molari and Johan Backman of the Finnish-Caucasus Friendship Society of being a mouthpiece for Chechen extremists like Umarov and others.  Backman told the Russian news network RT that Finland may have promoted terrorism by allowing the Kavkaz Center to freely operate in the country. Backman said he "told the Finnish public the truth about the activities of Doku Umarov in Finland because in Finland, the information channel of terrorists, the so-called Kavkaz Center has been operating for several years without any kind of reaction from the government or officials of Finland . . . Of course this raises questions about whether Finnish authorities and the government of Finland are promoting terrorism against Russia."

International hedge fund mogul George Soros has an extensive political operation in Finland which he uses to destabilize Russia by promoting Russian opposition and separatist groups, including the Chechens. Soros has also been a major donor to President Barack Obama and other Democrats but also an investor in interests involving the Bush family, including The Carlyle Group. One Soros-influenced group in Finland may be Pro-Karelia, a Finnish nationalist organization that seeks to convert the Russian autonomous Republic of Karelia, formerly a part of Finland, to part of the Finnish nation and restore the pre-World War II Finno-Russian border.

In fact, during the 2008 U.S. presidential campaign, the Kavkaz Center was quick to pick up on a WMR article that reported that, if elected, GOP candidate John McCain and his foreign policy adviser, the noted neo-conservative Randy Scheunemann, with the urging of the anti-Putin hedge fund tycoon and CIA-instructed George Soros, promised to not only recognize the independence of Chechnya but other Caucasus states, including Dagestan, which Umarov wants to see break away from Russia as part of the Caucasus Emirate.

The Kavkaz Center reported: "According to the American pro-Russian "dissidents" in the person of a journalist Wayne Madsen in the American edition of Online Journal [which republished the WMR article], a group of American neoconservatives, led by McCain foreign policy adviser Randy Scheunemann and George Soros, lobbying Washington's recognition of Chechnya, Dagestan and Ingushetia as independent states in response to recognition of Russia the independence of Abkhazia and South Ossetia."

The Kavkaz Center was the first to publish manifestos by Umarov claiming responsibility for the terrorist bombings of the Nevsky Express train between Moscow and St.Petersburg and the Moscow Metro, and the attack on Moscow's Domodedovo airport.

Suspiciously, the Kavkaz Center published a denial from the "Mujahideen of the Caucasus Emirate Province of Dagestan" on the Boston Marathon bombing, a denial that tried to lay blame for the attack on Moscow, a meme the neocon supporters of Chechnya in the United States can be expected to advance in the next weeks and months. The Kavkaz statement reads:

"After the events in Boston, the US, information has been distributed in the press saying that one of the Tsarnaev brothers spent 6 months in Dagestan in 2012. On this basis, there are speculative assumptions that he may have been associated with the Mujahideen of the Caucasus Emirate, in particular with the Mujahideen of Dagestan.

The Command of the Province of Dagestan indicates in this regard that the Caucasian Mujahideen are not fighting against the United States of America. We are at war with Russia, which is not only responsible for the occupation of the Caucasus, but also for heinous crimes against Muslims.

Also, remember that even in respect to the enemy state of Russia, which is fighting the Caucasus Emirate, there is an order by the Emir Dokku Umarov, which prohibits strikes on civilian targets.

In this regard, the Command of the Mujahideen of the Province of Dagestan urges the media, primarily the American, to halt speculations and promotion of Russian propaganda.

If the US government is really interested in establishing the true organizers of Boston bombings, and not in complicity with the Russian show, it should focus on the involvement of Russian security services in the events."

Friends of McCain, the late Boris Berezovsky, Albright, and Soros planning terrorist operations against Russia. Have they now turned their sites on America as pro-Saudi Salafists take control of the Chechen exile movement under the watchful eye of Saudi intelligence chief Prince Bandar ("Bandar Bush")? The culprits of the Boston attack are the same as those who were involved in 9/11 -- the neocons and their loyalists inside the U.S. government.

One Chechen "government-in-exile" leader not only received financial backing from exiled Russian-Israeli tycoon Boris Berezovsky, who was found hanged in his home in Ascot, outside London on March 23 of this year, but was a good friend of Berezovsky. He is
Akhmed Zakayev, the exiled Chechen Republic's "Prime Minister" who received asylum in the United Kingdom in 2003 and who is accused by Russian authorities of thirteen counts of murder and hostage-taking. Zakayev immediately accused Putin's government of assassinating Berezovsky. The post mortem concluded that Berezovsky was hanged but with no evidence of violence at the time of his death, leading investigators to conclude that suicide was the likely cause of death. Berezovsky's personal bodyguard was
Avi Navama, a former Mossad agent.

In fact, the Tsarnaev family appears to have been granted asylum at the same time a number of stateless "professional refugees" from Chechnya, including another Chechen separatist regime foreign minister, Ilyas Akhmadov, were receiving asylum in the West. The Tsarnaev brothers and their father, Anzon Tsarnaev, received official asylum in the United States in Arlington, Virginia in 2002 after arriving in the United States on tourist visas from the Republic of Kyrgyzstan in Central Asia. Kyrgyzstan was held in high regard at the time because it had granted the Pentagon air base rights to the Manas airfield, near the capital of Bishkek, to fight the Taliban and "Al Qaeda" in Afghanistan.

In 2007, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev received a green card, permanent residency status in the United States. Dzhokhar was sworn in as a U.S. citizen on September 11, 2012. His older brother, Tamerlan, was initially refused a green card and, according to Anzon, returned to Russia to renew his passport. Eventually, Tamerlan did obtain some sort of permanent residency status in the United States but his application for U.S. citizenship was turned down because of "red flags" either because of a domestic abuse issue with his wife or concerns raised by U.S. and/or Russian security agencies about his political ties. Anzor's claim that Tamerlan returned to Russia to renew his passport contradicts claims that Tamerlan, in addition to his brother, were holders of Kyrgyzstan passports when they first applied for green card status in the United States. There is, of course, the possibility that Tamerlan could only renew his Kyrgyzstan passport at the Kyrgyz embassy in Moscow.

As with Tamerlan Tsarnaev, the Department of Homeland Security and Justice Department initially had problems with "Foreign Minister" Akhmadov's political asylum request, first made in 2002, the same year the Tsarnaev's arrived in America. After his request for political sylum was turned down, Akhmadov found himself with a huge array of political supporters urging Homeland Security to reconsider. They included McCain, Senator Edward Kennedy, former Secretaries of State Madeleine Albright and Alexander Haig, former national security adviser Zbigniew Brzezinski, former CIA director James Woolsey, and former Defense Secretary and deputy CIA chief Frank Carlucci. A sympathetic article in The Washington Post -- a features article, not an op-ed piece -- on Akhmadov's plight was published on March 20, 2005. The article was written by Matthew Brzezinski, the nephew of Zbigniew Brzezinski who was championing Akhmadov's cause.

House Judiciary Committee chairman James Sensenbrenner (R-WI) and chairman of Judiciary Committee's immigration, border security and claims subcommittee John Hostettler (R-IN) urged Attorney General John Ashcroft to review Akhmadov's initial asylum in the United States because of information they had that indicated Akhmadov was linked to terrorism.

McCain has called for a military commission trial of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev and a declaration that he is an "enemy combatant" undeserving of constitutional protections. A military commission trial would permit the government to suppress evidence that could tie individuals like McCain and other neocons to support for Chechen separatist terrorism.

One of the officials of the Chechen Republic independence government in Grozny was Vice Prime Minister Shamil Basayev, held responsible for the deadly terrorist attack on a school in Beslan, North Oseetia in September 2004. Basayev was killed in an explosion in Ingushetia in July 2006. Akhmadov was said to have been close to Basayev. In 1999, Basayev and Amir Khattab, a Saudi Salafist who ran "Al Qaeda's" training camps in Afghanistan, attacked Dagestan, where Chechen terrorists had network of sympathizers.

Akhmadov and his supporters won the day when in April 2004 a U.S. Immigration Judge in Boston issued an order that granted Akhmadov political asylum in the United States. The U.S. government quickly dropped its asylum objection in August 2004 and political asylum was granted to Akhmadov the same month.

While awaiting an asylum decision, Akhmadov lived for a year in the Boston home of former U.S. News and World Report Moscow correspondent Nicholas Daniloff, who was arrested by the KGB as a CIA spy in 1986. Akhmadov later moved to Vermont. Akhmadov's cause was also taken up by two leading neo-conservatives, Max Kampelman, aka Max Kampelmacher, chief U.S. arms negotiator under Ronald Reagan and, more importantly, at the time of his death on January 25, 2013, co-chair of the American Committee for Peace in Chechnya and board member of the Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs (JINSA). Kampelman hired the high-priced New York law firm of Fried, Frank, Harris, Shriver and Jacobson to represent Akhmadov. The "Shriver" in the law firm's name is the late Sargent Shriver, who obviously prevailed on Senator Ted Kennedy, his brother-in-law, to support Akhmadov's asylum cause.

In 2007, Umarov, himself, stated that the Chechen Republic leadership had been infiltrated by Zionist elements through their connections with Berezovsky.

It is noteworthy that Chechen Salafist guerrillas have fought against U.S. forces in Afghanistan and Iraq and have been associated with Salafist guerrillas fighting against the Bashar al Assad government in Syria. Secretary of State John Kerry has approved $130 million in military assistance for the Syrian rebels and Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel is negotiating a $10 billion arms agreement with Saudi Arabia, Israel, and the United Arab Emirates. All three countries have covert connections with the Chechen Islamist guerrillas.

The CIA has long had a relationship with Chechnya's independence movement. International "humanitarian" worker Fred Cuny, an ex-Marine and veteran of humanitarian operations in Biafra, Bosnia, Ethiopia, Guatemala, Somalia, Croatia, Haiti, Mexico, Sri Lanka, Sudan, Turkey, Albania, Kurdistan, Armenia, Zaire, Bangladesh, and Iraq and the founder of the Intertect Relief and Reconstruction Corporation (IRRC) of Dallas, Texas and the International Crisis Group, both suspected CIA fronts, disappeared in Chechnya in 1995 while working with Chechen separatist guerrillas fighting against Russian troops. IRRC eventually became Interworks, which is headquartered in Madison, Wisconsin.

IRRC reportedly had Bosnia contracting connections with the Houston-based Halliburton Corporation and its then-subsidiary Kellogg, Brown & Root.

Cuny worked closely with operatives of Soros's Open Society Institute in Sarajevo and Zagreb on Balkan matters. Provided with a $50 million budget by Soros, Cuny and the other Soros interlocutors, including noted neocon Morton Abramowitz; Aryeh Neier, the president of the Soros Foundation; Lionel Rosenblatt, President of the CIA-linked Refugees International; and the World Bank's Mark Malloch Brown put the finishing touches on the final breakup of Yugoslavia.

Interest has been shown in the presence at the Boston Marathon of security personnel from the private security contractor Craft International, founded by the late Navy SEAL sniper Chris Kyle. The personnel were seen wearing Craft's signature garb and ball caps with the Craft skull logo, as well as carrying back packs and in one case, a remote control device that resembles a programmable detonator. On February 2, 2013, Kyle and his colleague were shot and killed by PTSD-afflicted veteran Eddie Ray Routh, who is being held in the Erath County, Texas jail on a $3 million bond. Craft International is headquartered in Dallas, which, like IRRC and its successor Interworks, is involved in "international humanitarian aid organization."

Presence of van with foreign consular plates in New Bedford and Diplomatic Security Service in Watertown

Akhmadov has written at least two op-eds for The Boston Globe, one dated September 29, 2003 titled "Talk peace in Chechnya" and the other dated February 24, 2005 titled "Russia's forgotten war." NBC News anchorman Brian Williams noted the odd presence of a U.S. State Department Diplomatic Security agent in Watertown shortly after Dzhokhar Tsarnaev was apprehended while hiding in a boat parked in a yard in the Boston suburb. On April 20, FBI and Department of Homeland Security agents arrested two men believed to be connected to the Tsarnaev brothers at the Hidden Brook apartments in New Bedford, Massachusetts, near the campus of the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth, where Dzhokhar Tsarnaev attended as a student. A minivan with foreign consular plates was present at the time of the arrests in New Bedford.

Earlier, two men said to be from Kazakhstan and the girlfriend of one of the men were arrested by the FBI at the same apartment complex. One of those arrested had a novelty license plate on his BMW that read: "Terrorista #1." All those arrested were claimeed to have been UMass-Dartmouth friends of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev. After the arrests of the two male Kazakhs and the female, the UK's Daily Mail reported that two Russian-speaking men in their 20s, claiming to be reporters for The Boston Globe, entered the apartment of the Kazakhs through an unlocked patio door and claimed they were friends of the arrested residents. They said, "We are friends of theirs. They are talking, they are talking’ and closed the door. There was no firm denial from the Globe concerning the credentials of the two men who insisted that they were reporters for the newspaper. However, it is noteworthy that Akhmadov previously had a relationship with the paper as an op-ed writer.

There is another foreign government angle to the marathon bombing. Israel National Police Chief Yohanan Danino stated he was dispatching Israeli police officers and detectives to Boston to meet with FBI agents in the hours after the terrorist bombing. With an Arab connection to the bombings being ruled out, what connection does Israel have with the Chechen terrorists. WMR has described the close ties between Israel's support community in the United States and elsewhere and exiled Chechen separatists associated with terrorism. Israeli police insisted the visit to Boston by the Israelis was planned before the April 15 bombing.

Ha'aretz reported that Ron Dermer, a foreign affairs adviser to Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and prospective Israeli ambassador to the United States, told a secret group of Jewish leaders in New York that the Boston marathon bombings would increase U.S. support for Israel. Netanyahu uttered the same comments on Fox News after the 9/11 attack saying the attack was "very good for Israel."

It is now known that Russian law enforcement asked the FBI about Tamerlan Tsarnaev's possible connections with terrorists before he made a trip to Russia in 2011. The FBI stated it had no information on Tsarnaev's ties to radicals. The FBI is likely telling the truth about Tsarnaev's ties to radicals. In fact, he had ties but to groups like the Chechen government-in-exile and allied Chechen guerrillas, which are partly based in Boston, and have been supported by the neocons like McCain and Woolsey, the CIA, and George Soros.

With those connections it is likely that there were shoot on sight orders issued for the Tsarnaev brothers by Langley to its friends in the Israeli, Boston, and Chicago police. One of the brothers is dead and the other is seriously wounded with reports that his throat injury may permanently disable his ability to talk. And an inability to "talk" is the next best thing other than death as far Langley is concerned.

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Tsarnaev brothers are 9/11 truthers - and obviously innocent!

The real Boston bomber
The vast majority of the world's Muslims understand that 9/11, Bali, Madrid, 7/7, Mumbai, and similar events have been false flag attacks conducted by the enemies of Islam. As a 2011 Pew Poll found:

"There is no Muslim public in which even 30% accept that Arabs conducted the (9/11) attacks."

In Pakistan, the nation that knows "Al-CIA-duh" best, only 3% believe the official story of 9/11.

Among the vast majority of Muslims who know the truth about false-flag terror: The accused Boston Marathon bombers and their mother.

Dzokhar Tsarnaev's entirely-normal Twitter account included:

“Idk why it’s hard for many of you to accept that 9/11 was an inside job, I mean I guess fuck the facts y’all are some real #patriots #gethip”.

His older brother Tamerlan Tsarnaev agreed.

According to the Rothschild-owned AP wire service:

"(Tamerlan Tsarnaev) began opposing the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. He turned to websites and literature claiming that the CIA was behind the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001..."

The brothers' mother,  Zubeidat Tsarnaeva, knows that "9/11 was purposefully created by the American government to make America hate Muslims" and says that her sons are innocent patsies in yet another anti-Islam false flag operation.

Their father, Anzor Tsarnaev, agrees that his sons were set up as false-flag patsies: "Somebody clearly framed them. I don't know who exactly framed them, but they did."

Virtually everyone who knew the Tsarnaev brothers says they are obviously innocent, and obviously incapable of the crimes of which they are accused.

Here is Dzhokhar Tsarnaev protesting "I never done it. They set me up" in his last Facebook post before he was shot by police, unarmed and trying to peacefully surrender, and then handed over to "Israeli doctors." Shades of Lee Harvey Oswald's famous last words: "I'm just a patsy!"

The mainstream media, owned and operated by fanatical enemies of Islam, has spun these facts in an Orwellian attempt to make the Tsarnaevs look like "radical Muslims."

But wait a minute. Muslims who know that this kind of terrorism only benefits the enemies of Islam OBVIOUSLY would never commit such acts!

The fact that the Tsarnaevs are 9/11 truthers proves their innocence.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Hyderabad bombing: Looks like another false flag

Just as in all the other cases of "Muslim extremist attacks" in India, which always turn out to be false flags, the BBC is promoting the big lie and suppressing any mention of false-flag terror.

Indian scholar-activist Feroze Mithiborwala gets it right the first time.
Feroze Mithiborwala

"You Strike and We will Strike back"

The message of ‘21/2 Hyderabad serial terror attack’:

By Feroze Mithiborwala

The strategic & political target of the terror attack, is the historic 2-day Strike of the Working classes, where more than 12 crore or 120 million workers both from the organized & unorganized sectors participated & brought India to a halt. This working class strike surmounted all calculations due to the scale at which the enraged working classes participated. This strike has shaken up the corporate-political elite & that is why they have struck back with a serial terror attack, where now more than 15 citizens have died & 50 grievously injured. The terror attack was orchestrated in Dilsukh Nagar, where there is a busy market & many cinema halls.

If the working class unrest takes the proportions which we witness in many nations across the world such as Greece & Spain, the ruling elite will witness a massive crisis, due to the growing burdens of price-rise, decreasing wages, increasing scams, spiraling inflation, the growing insecurity of the peasantry, workers & laboring classes, as well as the ever-widening rich-poor divide.

The sheer scale of the two-day strike has taken the entire country by surprise, as the Left-Working class forces were supposed to have lost ground against the neo-liberal corporate juggernaut. Even cities & towns in the Northern belts, where the working class movements have been historically weak, have witnessed massive marches & even militant struggles. Towns such as Noida & Gurgaon that adjoin New Delhi, have witnessed the most militant & popular mobilization. The nervous & cold-blooded ruling corporate elite had to hit back & they have promptly, without wasting a moment, as they can see trouble brewing in the distance.

All it requires is for the black-ops teams to place the bombs in various parts of the city & quietly walk away & then sit back & watch the mayhem & terror on the TV screens, even whilst TV anchors call upon the very same ‘leaders’, who know exactly what is going on, who address us calling for unity & calm, whilst chuckling to themselves within & mocking at a frightened & gullible population.

The other reasons for the terror attack also need to be analysed. The false-flag terror cell, again the handiwork of the Deep-State & the Black-ops cells that function within every Government & security apparatus.

Then are the other factors that needed to be swept below the carpet of blood. There was a dire need to change the contours of the debate away from the BJP-RSS terror network & the statement that was made by the Home Minister Sushil Kumar Shinde. This terror attack will lessen the heat on the RSS-BJP brigade. Also it was in the background of the Shinde remark on RSS terror, that the Government went ahead & murdered Afzal Guru. This card was aimed at the General Elections of 2014, where the Congress is aiming at the conservative Hindu vote, whilst knowing that the liberal secular Hindu vote is safely in the bag, whilst the Minorities have nowhere to go, with Modi's dark shadow loomimng large. Yes, it was not a hanging, it was sheer murder & more & more voices across the country were being raised. Thus now this terror attack in Hyderabad will deal with all these issues.

And Hyderabad has been marked out as the target for the fact that since the last few months, it is this city that has emerged as the most communally sensitive due to the Charminar-Temple dispute & the infamous Akbaruddin Owaisi statement. Thus it will be easy to portray the handiwork of ‘Sleeper Cells’ of disgruntled Muslim youth, who will begin to be picked up from the lanes of this city. Most of the unfortunate victims will be police informers & petty criminals who will be entrapped into owning up for this terror attack. Also the National Investigation Agency has stated that the Mecca Masjid terror attack was the handiwork of RSS related terror cells such as the Abhinav Bharat & the Sanatan Sanstha, even whilst the falsely accussed Mulsim youth have been found to be innocent & thus too Hyderabad has been targeted.

On our part, we have to continue to persevere with analysing & exposing the politics of terror, which has now become a perverse gory art-form in the hands of the ruling elite. The politics of communal riots & terror are part of state-craft & a strategy used to control & manipulate entire populations. The agenda is to create a perpetual state of fear & a climate of chaos & confusion, thus ensuring that the exploitation & oppression carry on with the least resistance of the masses, who will remain divided along communal fault-lines. But the people will see through these devious designs, though there is a lot of work to be done, a path strewn with struggle.

Feroze Mithiborwala

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Former 60 Minutes consultant says Burgas bus bombing a fabrication

Friday February 15th   Big News Network

CAMBRIDGE, Massachusetts - The Bulgarian government earlier this month made a mockery of its political independence by publicly implicating Lebanon's Hezbollah in last year's attack on an Israeli bus in the resort city of Burgas, despite the fact that its "official investigation is still going on".

Sofia has yet to make an official announcement and there is an absence of trustworthy evidence to back the claim.

Under pressure for months by Washington and Tel Aviv to name Hezbollah as the culprit for the attack that killed five Israelis and a Bulgarian bus driver, as well as the terrorist carrying the bomb, Sofia has appeased Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who within half hour of the bombing last July publicly pointed the finger at Hezbollah and Iran.

Unsurprisingly, Netanyahu was extremely gratified by the news from Sofia and wasted no time in calling on Europeans to put Hezbollah on their list of terrorist organizations, a significant move that would likely exacerbate the present civil rights of Muslims in Europe, particularly those who are involved in charitable fund raising for Hezbollah's plethora of social welfare services in Lebanon.
The US government likewise conveniently interpreted as "conclusive" the preliminary finding in the Burgas investigation that the "military formation of Hezbollah might be involved" in that attack, to paraphrase carefully chosen words from Bulgarian Interior Minister Tsvetan Tsvetanov.

According to a Bulgarian expert, Professor Vladimir Chukov, Tsvetanov made a "hybrid statement" that "like Britain" makes the distinction between Hezbollah as a group and its "military wing". "This is a hybrid situation that goes on to suggest that there is little chance that Bulgaria will name Hezbollah and Iran as culprits," Professor Chukov has told the Bulgarian media.

Tell that to the mainstream media that wasted no time in its avalanche of reports that Bulgaria has implicated Hezbollah in the Burgas bombing. Case in point, in the various reports in the Wall Street Journal, London's Guardian, BBC, etc, there is virtually no mention of the fact that there is no official position of the Bulgarian government as of yet, and that the investigation is still on-going. According to Professor Chukov, the interior ministry's news leak was meant simply as "a test". Yet by all indications this is a poor and politically motivated move by an official of the Bulgarian government.

"It is obvious that Bulgaria's government has chosen a political approach and is only repeating the interpretation alleged by Israel on the very next day following the attack, when the investigation had not even started," said Sergey Stanishev, the head of Bulgarian Socialist Party, who is also the Chair of Party of European Socialists. "The investigation is currently under way and there is no way one can be talking about decisive evidence regarding the direct perpetrators, much less regarding the organization that is behind this tragic event ... This is absolutely unjustified in view of national security and the risks that are taken with respect to people in Bulgaria."

There is no dearth of suspicion in Bulgaria and beyond that the government official's statement that the bombing "was most likely" the work of Hezbollah militants and that there are "obvious links" to Hezbollah is based less on hard facts and more on external political pressure. According to Minister Tsvetanov, two individuals - one Canadian and the other Australian - who have lived in Lebanon since 2006 and 2010 respectively, have been linked to the attack and "there is data showing" their "obvious links to Lebanon."

Tsvetanov's statements are backed by Rob Wainwright, the director of Europol, claiming that there is "reasonable assumption" based on "forensic evidence, intelligence sources and patterns in past attacks" that "point to Hezbollah's involvement." Not so according to Stanishev, who has labeled as "poor evidence" the data cited by officials to point accusatory fingers at Hezbollah. In fact, there is a great deal of contrary evidence to suggest the attack was a carefully orchestrated Israeli "false flag" operation aimed at smearing Hezbollah and Iran and pressuring the European Union to brand Hezbollah as a terrorist organization.

The distinct possibility of an Israeli 'false flag' operation can be garnered by a careful and methodical examination of the public information, including the photographs, amateur videos and instant reports on the bus attack that occurred at exactly 5:30 pm last July 18, on the anniversary of the 1994 bombing in Argentina that Israel insists was the work of Iran and Hezbollah. That was perfect timing for Israel's propaganda machine.

As stated in this author's investigative article written immediately after the bus attack, there are at least 10 valid reasons to question the official story that a busload of Israeli tourists was the target of a terrorist bombing. Lest we forget, the autopsy results in Sofia have shown that the dead terrorist was "white and had light eyes" and initially was identified as a member of al-Qaeda, much to the chagrin of Israelis who have shown zero interest in any suspect other than Hezbollah-Iran.

To reiterate the gist of this author's own probe of this matter, a good deal of evidence exists that suggest the targeted bus was empty and the only passengers hurt were inside the adjacent bus and received light injuries.

This author has carefully examined dozens upon dozens of photographs of the Israeli tourists in question, who no doubt would have received much worse facial and other bodily injuries if they were inside the targeted bus. After all, the severed head of the bomber had been discovered some 60 meters away from the bus and an instant video shows the bus in full flames, ie, impossible for the majority of 42 purported passengers, especially the elderly females seen on stretchers en route to the hospital in various photos, to escape with little or no bodily harm, thus warranting the following 10 questions:

1. Why the amateur video of the bus taken within seconds of the explosion doesn't show anyone jumping down the bus?

2. Why so many passengers survived with only light hand and foot injuries in an explosion involving (according to the Bulgarian officials) three kilograms of TNT in front of the bus?

3. Why did the Israeli group known as Zakar appear immediately on the site and collected the bodies of the dead, per several images, when this should have been done by Bulgarians? Why was this group at the airport at that time? And where were the Bulgarian security officials during the whole time monopolized by the Zakar individuals (in yellow uniforms)? Indeed, the fact that the Bulgarians allowed the Zakar all over the crime scene and move the dead victims (who were then frisked quickly to Israel) speaks volumes about the travesty of police investigation in Bulgaria.

4. Why did the bomb kill the Israelis sitting in the back of the bus (per reports in the Israeli media) while simultaneously killing the bus driver in the front and leaving the vast majority of bus passengers only lightly harmed?

5. Why have some bus witnesses told the media that they tried to get out through the front door but found it locked and managed to get out through a "hole on the side" when both the videos and reports indicate an instant fire following the explosion engulfing the bus?

6. Why is there no report of any injuries to the bus driver in the next bus, which sustained major damage especially on the driver's side? Could the bus driver killed be the one in the second bus?

7. Why was there no extra security precaution even though according to the Israeli media prior to the landing of Israeli passengers the tour company had received a call that they would be "greeted with two bombs"?

8. Why was the trunk of the targeted bus empty and no sign of any luggage (per numerous images that also show the inside of the bus and the absence of any section for luggage contrary to the claim of one of the Israeli passengers who is quoted widely)?

9. Why did the passport and license of purported terrorist remain intact despite the raging fire in the bus?

10. Why did Israel rush all the passengers back to Israel early next morning instead of allowing the Bulgarian investigators to interview them? After all, Israel made no similar attempt to protect the lives of thousands of other Israeli tourists vacationing in Burgas, bottom line since it had no real worries about any terrorist attack against them after having pulled off its spectacular 'false flag' that must surely be a source of current pride among its Mossad intelligence officials.

Mossad agents must be patting themselves on the shoulder now for a job well-done, but then again their script perhaps was too neatly executed, given Netanyahu's instant finger toward Hezbollah and Iran, or the widespread use of a replica bus on full flame, which on closer examination shows to be different from the actual targeted bus.

The Israelis have now mastered the art of political manipulation and their latest victory in Bulgaria simply educates us about why they are ahead of the game and keep winning the battle for the world public opinion.

(The writer Kaveh L Afrasiabi, PhD, has worked as a consultant to CBS's "60 Minutes" and has appeared on CNN, MSNBC, Voice of America, and Al-Jazeera. He is a regular contributor to The New York Times, International Herald Tribune, Boston Globe, San Francisco Chronicle, Global Dialogue, and Asia Times. Afrasiabi is the author of After Khomeini: New Directions in Iran's Foreign Policy (Westview Press). He is author of Reading In Iran Foreign Policy After September 11 (BookSurge Publishing, October 23, 2008) and Looking for Rights at Harvard. His latest book is UN Management Reform: Selected Articles and Interviews on United Nations CreateSpace (November 12, 2011).

Friday, January 25, 2013

9/11 follow-ups were inside jobs too

The US government admits that this anthrax letter was sent by a non-Muslim American germ warfare scientist. But they're covering up the identity of the Battelle Laboratories CIA-Mossad team that was responsible.

The 9/11-follow-up attacks, obviously coordinated by the same people that brought us 9/11, include:

* The anthrax mailings, which the US government now admits were false-flag attacks designed to demonize Muslims and convince Americans that "Israel's enemies are America's enemies."

* The Bali bombing of October 12th, 2002, which slaughtered Australian tourists and brought Australia into the phony "war on terror." A miniature nuclear weapon must have been used, given the size of the crater, and all the evidence points toward Israel as the culprit.

* The Casablanca bombings of May 16th, 2003, were designed to demonize the peaceful, democratic Islamist opposition which had been on the verge of taking over the country and ending the US/Zionist-sponsored monarchy.

* The Madrid bombings of March 11th, 2004 (exactly 911 days after 9/11), which the Spanish people immediately recognized as a false-flag attack, causing them to hand the complicit government a huge defeat in the subsequent elections.

* The Beslan massacre of September 2004, which the Russian government blamed on a "foreign intelligence agency."

* The London bombings of 7/7/2005 - a "terror drill gone live" and proven inside job.

* The Mumbai train bombings of July 11th 2006, followed by the attacks of 11/26/2008. (See Feroze Mithiborwala's article David Colemann Headley Is A CIA-FBI Agent.)

* The Mossad's massacre of the next generation of Norwegian pro-Palestine leaders on 11/26/11 - exactly three years to the day after the second Mumbai attack. (What's with all these elevens?!)

The wave of false-flag terror unleashed by 9/11 is a global problem, not just an American one. Please support the efforts of Italy's Chief Justice Imposimato to prosecute these crimes, starting with 9/11, in the International Criminal Court.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

US planned 9/11 attacks to invade Middle East: Iran cmdr.

Commander of the Iranian Army Ground Forces Brigadier General Ahmad-Reza Pourdastan (file photo)
Commander of the Iranian Army Ground Forces Brigadier General Ahmad-Reza Pourdastan (file photo)

A senior Iranian commander says the United States planned the 9/11 terrorist attacks to use them as pretext to invade the energy-rich Middle East.

“The US, looking for a pretext to invade the Middle East, masterminded the 9/11 incident and pointed an accusing finger at Muslim countries,” Commander of the Iranian Army Ground Forces Brigadier General Ahmad-Reza Pourdastan said on Saturday.

Pourdastan added that following the fall of the Soviet Union, the US introduced itself as the world’s sole superpower and moved to instill the new world order to prove its supremacy.

The Iranian commander noted that the US later found its geopolitical policies a failure and decided to follow a geo-economic policy and control the world’s energy resources, 60 percent of which was located in the Middle East.

“To achieve that goal, they launched preemptive attacks on Afghanistan and Iraq, and Iran was their next target, but wise policies adopted by the Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei along with the unity of the Iranian nation prevented them from achieving their objective,” Pourdastan said.

On September 11, 2001, a series of coordinated attacks were carried out in the United States leaving almost 3,000 people dead.

The US, under the administration of former President George W. Bush, invaded Afghanistan in 2001 after claiming that the 9/11 attacks were carried out by members of al-Qaeda harbored by the then Taliban regime in Afghanistan.

The US also attacked Iraq in 2003 claiming that the Middle Eastern country was in possession of weapons of mass destruction. Washington’s wars on Iraq and Afghanistan have claimed the lives of more than a million people.