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Kidnapping/Rape/Torture Victim Dr. Aafia Siddiqui Says Israel Did 9/11

From the New York Post (9/26/10):

"Some segments within the US government orchestrated the attack to reverse the declining American economy and to save the Zionist regime," Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said in his Thursday UN speech.

The same day, about three miles south, a veiled Aafia Siddiqui, sentenced to 86 years for trying to kill Americans in Afghanistan and who also plotted New York attacks, charged Israel was connected to 9/11. "I'm not anti-Israel, but, yes, I have said they masterminded 9/11 and I have proof of that," said the MIT-educated Pakistani.

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Kevin Barrett of Muslims for 9/11 Truth interviews Dr. Aafia's lawyer, Tina Foster: article

listen to interview (Tina Foster joins Kevin for the second half hour of the show)

Saturday, September 25, 2010

International Law Expert: Ahmadinejad is Right about 9/11!

An international lawyer says many now question the truth behind the 9/11 attacks, and that American citizens are demanding an international probe into the incident.

Source: Press TV

"Ahmadinejad is absolutely rational and correct on this, that the American people are now coming to the point of demanding an international inquiry (into the 9/11 attacks), " Franklin Lamb told Press TV. [Listen to Franklin Lamb's radio interview with Kevin Barrett of Muslims for 9/11 Truth.)

The Beirut-based lawyer was referring to remarks by Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in his address to the 65th UN General Assembly that the 9/11 incident might have been the result of an inside job in the United States.

"This call [for an international investigation] didn't start in the Middle East. It stated more than a year ago in Canada, in Europe, in Latin America, and increasingly in America itself," he continued.

"There are just too many questions raised by architects, by pilots, by experts, by engineers, by [US Department of] Homeland Security employees and the FBI," the international lawyer reiterated.

"There is every reason to have an inquiry and the [US President Barack] Obama administration should join this call, not oppose it," he underlined.

The lawyer added what President Ahmadinejad said was a 'logical proposal' and that "the president of Iran is now in synchronization with the majority of the American people."

* * *

"Only 16 per cent of respondents say the government headed by U.S. president George W. Bush is telling the truth on what it knew prior to the terrorist attacks, down five points since May 2002." Angus Reid poll, 2006

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Ahmadinejad Applauded at UN for Telling 9/11 Truth; Fox Apoplectic!

President Ahmadinejad's UN speech: video transcript

It looks like President Ahmadinejad kept last Monday's promise to Muslims for 9/11 Truth's Enver Masud, read Enver's book 9/11 Unveiled, and decided to make his strongest 9/11 truth statement yet during his UN speech. (Read the
genuinely fair and balanced report by al-Jazeera-English.)

The US corporate media is not reporting this story--they're just exuding yowls of fabricated outrage. They are shocked -- shocked! -- that a world leader could say anything so obvious as that 9/11 was an inside job.

While MSNBC's report on Ahmadinejad's courageous speech is somewhat amusing, the most hilarious yowl of outrage came from -- where else -- Fox News. It is so precious that we are posting every single word of it below. Feel free to visit Fox's website to post a comment!
-Kevin Barrett, editor, Muslims for 9/11 Truth website

Applause for Ahmadinejad

He was greeted by applause when he walked into the United Nations General Assembly, and applauded again, even after questioning 9/11 and claiming that the American government may have been behind the attack.

That’s right, applauded after questioning the motivation for the terrorist attacks, who was responsible for them, and essentially suggesting they were a U.S. plot.

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has made a variety of claims over the years during his appearances here, but he never has gone this far when talking about 9/11.

During his General Assembly address, the Iranian President called for a “U.N. fact finding group” to investigate 9/11.

He also said that ”the majority of the American people as well as most nations and politicians around the world” believe that “some segments within the U.S. government orchestrated the attack to reverse the declining of the American economy and its grips on the Middle East in order to save the Zionist regime.”

Before his speech, the Obama administration must have had high hopes that Ahmadinejad would have listened to the offers of diplomacy as presented by the administration and its allies on the Security Council. Members of the U.S. delegation remained in their seats. In years past, only what is called a “low-level note taker” has often been posted behind the little plastic “United States” sign, when Ahmadinejad took the stage.

On Tuesday, when Ahmadinejad spoke during the global summit on poverty, the American delegation remained even as he predicted the defeat of capitalism.

But true to form, he quickly went over the line with his 9/11 remarks and that prompted the U.S. diplomats, and others, to get up and walk out.

“ It’s outrageous,” said State Department spokesman P.J. Crowley. “a short distance from here, nine years ago, three-thousand people were killed in an attack perpetrated by nineteen people, and an attack that was orchestrated by Al Qaeda. We know exactly who did it, they’ve admitted it, the facts are not in dispute, so for the President of Iran to come here and make the suggestion that somehow this was an American plot, is simply outrageous.”

But as Ahmadinejad walked from the podium, he did so rewarded by applause in the august chamber of the world body.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

'9/11 Unveiled' presented to President Ahmadinejad

September 21, 2010
The Wisdom Fund

'9/11 Unveiled' presented to President Ahmadinejad (who has called 9/11 a "big lie")

Yesterday in New York, Mr. Enver Masud, founder of The Wisdom Fund, presented his book "9/11 Unveiled" to Dr. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, President of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

The occasion was a private dinner at the Warwick hotel in New York City hosted by Mohammad Khazaee, the Permanent Representative of the Islamic Republic of Iran to the United Nations.

Approximately 50 Muslim leaders, including Minister Farrakhan and representatives of the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR), Muslim American Society (MAS), Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA), Truth & Justice Foundation attended.

Following dinner, President Ahmadinejad met with guests and invited questions and comments. He responded to each of them.

In his response to Mr. Masud's statement that the official account of 9/11 is false, President Ahmadinejad stated that he would read Mr. Masud's book "9/11 Unveiled".

President Ahmadinejad is scheduled to address the UN General Assembly on Thursday.

"9/11 Unveiled" was mailed to President Obama and Attorney General Holder on March 24, 2009, and has since been presented to several US government officials.

"9/11 Unveiled" is available free at The Wisdom Fund.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Muslims Didn't Do It


"All the proffered evidence that America was attacked by Muslims on 9/11, when subjected to critical scrutiny, appears to have been fabricated." -- David Ray Griffin, Professor emeritus, philosopher, and author of couple of dozen books on philosophy and 9/11

Military and Intelligence Services Officials

"I'm astounded that the conspiracy theory advanced by the administration could in fact be true and the evidence does not seem to suggest that that's accurate." -- Col. Ronald D. Ray, U.S. Marine Corps (ret)

"Scholars and professionals . . . have established beyond any reasonable doubt that the official account of 9/11 is false and that, therefore, the official 'investigations' have really been cover-up operations." -- Lt. Col. Robert Bowman, PhD, U.S. Air Force (ret)

"Your countrymen have been murdered and the more you delve into it the more it looks as though they were murdered by our government, who used it as an excuse to murder other people thousands of miles away." -- Lt. Col. Shelton F. Lankford, U.S. Marine Corps (ret)

"It is as a scientist that I have the most trouble with the official government conspiracy theory, mainly because it does not satisfy the rules of probability or physics." -- Lt. Col. Karen U. Kwiatkowski, PhD, U.S. Air Force (ret)

"No aircraft hit the Pentagon. Totally impossible! You couldn't make the turns with a 757. You couldn't fly it in over the highway. You couldn't fly it over the light poles. You couldn't even get it that close to the ground because of turbulence." -- Major Douglas Rokke, PhD, U.S. Army (ret)

"The government story they handed us about 9/11 is total B.S. plain and simple." -- Capt. Russ Wittenberg, U.S. Air Force

"[W]hat we saw happen on that morning of September 11, 2001, was the result of a highly-compartmentalized covert operation to bring about a fascist coup in this country." -- Alan N. Sabrosky, PhD

Pilots and Aviation Professionals

"We analyzed the data and announced our conclusion on 3/26/07 that 'The information provided by the NTSB does not support the 9/11 Commission Report of American Airlines Flight 77 impact with the Pentagon.'" -- Rob Balsamo, Commercial airline pilot, Co-founder Pilots for 9/11 Truth

"I most certainly and honestly believe, that sometime in the near future, it will become common knowledge that the events of 9/11 were an 'inside job' designed, engineered and committed by a very large and 'in control' rogue element within our United States federal government". -- Glen Stanish, Commercial airline pilot

"No Boeing 757 ever crashed into the Pentagon. No Boeing 757 ever crashed at Shanksville. . . . And no Arab hijacker, ever in a million years, ever flew into the World Trade Center. And if you got 30 minutes I'll tell you exactly why he couldn't do it the first time." -- John Lear, Retired commercial airline pilot

". . . an airplane that weighs 100 tons all assembled is still going to have 100 tons of disassembled trash and parts after it hits a building. There was no wreckage from a 757 at the Pentagon." -- Capt. Russ Wittenberg, Retired commercial pilot

"I was also a Navy fighter pilot and Air Combat Instructor, U.S. Navy Fighter Weapons School and have experience flying low altitude, high speed aircraft. I could not have done what these beginners did." -- Commander Ralph Kolstad, Retired commercial airline captain

"I know from my experience that it would have been highly improbable that even a seasoned American test pilot, a military test pilot, could have flown a T-category, aircraft like the 757, into the first floor of the Pentagon because of a thing called Ground Effect." -- Capt. Fred Fox, Retired commercial airline pilot

"The Pentagon was not hit by a Boeing 757. A Boeing 757 did not crash in Shanksville Pa." -- Gordon Price, Retired commercial airline captain

Engineers and Architects

"The 9/11 Commission Report is fatally flawed. The major conclusions of the 9/11 Commission Report - the official, conspiracy theory - are false." -- Enver Masud, Engineer and author "9/11 Unveiled"

"[A]ll three World Trade Center high-rise buildings, the Twin Towers and Building 7 were destroyed not by fire as our government has told us, but by controlled demolition with explosives." -- Richard Gage, Founding member of Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth

"I have 'known' from day-one that the buildings were imploded and that they could not and would not have collapsed from the damage caused by the airplanes that ran into them." -- Daniel B. Barnum, B.Arch, FAIA

"[S]ymmetrical collapse is strong evidence of a controlled demolition. A building falling from asymmetrical structural failure would not collapse so neatly, nor so rapidly". -- David A. Johnson, B.Arch, MCP, PhD, F.AICP

"Obviously it [WTC 7] was the result of controlled demolition and scheduled to take place during the confusion surrounding the day's events." -- Jack Keller, BS CE, MS Irrigation Eng, PhD Agricultural and Irrigation Eng, PE, F.ASCE

"In my opinion the building WTC 7 was, with great probability, professionally demolished". -- Hugo Bachmann, PhD

"The [Twin Tower] building was designed to have a fully loaded 707 crash into it. That was the largest plane at the time. I believe that the building probably could sustain multiple impacts of jetliners because this structure is like the mosquito netting on your screen door." -- Frank A. DeMartini, Architect and WTC Construction Manager

"I looked at the drawings, the construction and it couldn't be done by fire. So, no, absolutely not." -- Danny Jowenko, Proprietor, Jowenko Explosieve Demolitie B.V.


"We have found solid scientific grounds on which to question the interpretation put upon the events of September 11, 2001 by the Office of the President of the United States of America and subsequently propagated by the major media of western nations." -- A. K. Dewdney, PhD, Member Scientific Panel Investigating Nine-Eleven

"Despite the absence of any visible fire at the time of collapse, the government report alleges WTC Building 7 is the first and only steel-framed high-rise building in the history of mankind to collapse simply as the result of a fire." -- David L. Griscom, Research physicist, Member Scholars for 9/11 Truth and Justice

"Truth, Ethics and Professionalism are completely lacking in the official aftermath and investigations surrounding the 911 disasters. Unfortunately we went to war predicated on lies, sustained in lies, and perpetuated in lies." -- Hamid Mumin, Ph.D., P.Eng., P.Geo.

"In my opinion the building WTC 7 was, with great probability, professionally demolished". -- Jorg Schneider, Dr hc, Professor Emeritus, Structural Dynamics and Earthquake Engineering

"This is the first time, and this is the worst disaster, but this is the first time that families have been attempted to be silenced through a special fund, . . . I found that the airlines approached members of Congress and the Senate to get their bailout and their immunity and their protection starting on 9/11." -- Mary Schiavo, JD, Former Professor of Aviation

"On the basis of photographic and video evidence as well as related data and analyses, I provide thirteen reasons for rejecting the official hypothesis, according to which fire and impact damage caused the collapse of the Twin Towers and WTC 7, in favor of the controlled-demolition hypothesis." -- Steven Jones, PhD, Former Professor of Physics

Friday, September 17, 2010

Bill "Death Threat" O'Reilly Plugs Muslims for 9/11 Truth!

Bill O'Reilly, one of the most loathesome figures in the history of television, once hurled a barely-veiled death threat at Muslims for 9/11 Truth co-founder Kevin Barrett. On another occasion, he exhibited nauseatingly smarmy condescension toward one of Barrett's University of Wisconsin students. But his latest attack on the 80% of the world's Muslims who know 9/11 was an inside job, and on the 9/11 truth movement in general, was sickening even by O'Reilly standards.

O'Reilly tries to smear Imam Rauf, the point man behind the Cordoba Project Islamic Center, by associating him with Muslims for 9/11 Truth board member Faiz Khan, M.D. Dr. Khan is a 9/11 first responder with a well-deserved reputation as an unusually thoughtful and -- yes -- moderate person. O'Reilly tries to paint Dr. Faiz Khan as a dangerous "radical" simply because Dr. Khan has studied the facts of 9/11 and come to the same conclusions as 80% of the world's Muslims, roughly 100 million Americans, and a growing number of architects, engineers, and other experts.

It is, of course, O'Reilly and Fox News -- not Dr. Faiz Khan and the 1.2 billion Muslims who know 9/11 was an inside job -- who are the biggest bunch of extremists on the planet. They should be taken off the air ; - )

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Leading Islamic Scholar Imran Hosein: A Powerful Voice of 9/11 Truth

Muslims for 9/11 Truth co-founder Kevin Barrett interviews Imran Hosein

* * *

From "A Muslim Response to the Attack on America" by Imran N. Hosein

The terrorist attack on America constituted a turning point in history as significant as that moment in the summer of 1914 when another terrorist attack launched the First World War. I believe that those who are hell-bent on eventually ruling the whole world are responsible for both terrorist attacks, and that the Israeli Mossad and its allies acted on their behalf in planning and executing the attack of September 11th. The terrorist attack and the ensuing so-called war on ‘terrorism’ that it provoked was designed to make the world a safer place for the Jews and for the State of Israel. The true terrorists who attacked America on that day know who they are, and Allah Most High also Knows who they are. We pray to Allah Most High to expose them, and to punish them. Amin!

The ruling British/American/Jewish world order is now more openly at war with Islam than ever before. This is because they are approaching the climax of their more-than-a-thousand-year war. ‘Jerusalem in the Qur’an’ makes an attempt to explain this war against Islam, and to anticipate what lies ahead for that world order, for Muslims, and for the State of Israel.

The most dangerous and obnoxious of all creatures on the face of the earth today, or the most evil people beneath the sky, are those scholars of Islam or Muslim leaders, who were totally deceived by the September 11th act of terrorism and who responded to it by blaming Arabs and Muslims for the attack and by extending patriotic support to Britain/USA/Israel in their war against Islamic Afghanistan. Usama bin Ladin and the Taliban regime in Afghanistan were completely innocent of that September 11th attack. The war against them on this account is manifestly unjust. Such misguided, Islamic scholars and leaders ought to be universally condemned.

I responded to the September 11th attack days later by praying to Allah Most High in an Islamic Center in Queens, New York, to punish those responsible for the attack, with the greatest possible punishment, and with a punishment that would continue until the Last Day. All those who were present in the Masjid joined me in the prayer. Having done that I now invite the Jews to make a similar prayer.

Imran N. Hosein, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. December 2001

* * *

Imran Nazar Hosein is a leading International Islamic Philosopher, Scholar and author, specialising in world politics, economy, eschatology , modern socio-economic/political issues and expert on international affairs. He is best-selling author of Jerusalem in the Qur'an.

He was born in the Caribbean island of Trinidad in 1942 from parents whose ancestors had migrated as indentured labourer from India. He is a graduate of the Aleemiyah Institute in Karachi and has studied at sevaral instutions of higher learning including the University of Karachi, the University of the West Indies, Al Azhar University and the Graduate Institute of International Relations in Switzerland.

He lived in New York for ten years during which time he served as the Director of Islamic Studies for the Joint Committee of Muslim Organizations of Greater New York. He lectured on Islam in several American and Canadian universities, colleges, churches, synagogues, prisons, community halls, etc. He also participated in many inter-faith dialogues with Christian and Jewish scholars while representing Islam in USA. He was the Imam, for sometime, at Masjid Dar al-Qur'an in Long Island, New York. He also led the weekly Juma'ah prayers and delivered the sermon at the United Nations headquarters in Manhattan once a month for ten years continuously.

He is a former Principal of the Aleemiyah Institute of Islamic Studies in Karachi, Pakistan, Director of Research of the World Muslim Congress in Karachi, Pakistan, Director of the Islamic Institute for Education and Research in Miami, Florida, and Director of D'awah for Tanzeem-e-Islami of North America.

He has traveled continuously and extensively around the world on Islamic lecture-tours since graduating from the Aleemiyah Institute of Islamic Studies in 1971 at age 29. And he has also written more than a dozen books on Islam that have invariably been received with public respect. Indeed, Jerusalem in the Qur'an - An Islamic View of the Destiny of Jerusalem has become a best seller and has been translated and published in several languages.

Prof. Dr. Malik Badri, Dean of the International Institute for Islamic Thought and Civilization in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, wrote the Foreword to the book.

Imran's first book, entitled 'Islam and Buddhism in the Modern World' was written when he was just 29 and still remains the only book on the subject by a Muslim scholar. That book won high praise from such eminent scholars as Vice Chancellor of University of Karachi and renowned historian, Dr. Ishtiaq Husain Quraishi, eminent Pakistani jurist and philosopher, A. K. Brohi, and eminent Muslim sociologist, Dr. Basharat Ali.

Maulana Dr. Fazlur Rahman Ansari, an outstanding scholar of Islam of the modern age, wrote the Foreword to that book.

Imran Hosein's three new books, published in 2007, on 'Surah al-Kahf' of the Qur'an and on the subject of 'Signs of the Last Day in the Modern Age', offer rare insights into interpretation of the Qur'an and the Hadith of Prophet Muhammad insofar as they explain the modern age.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

What If Muslims Didn't Do It?

Letter to the Editor published by the Peoria Journal-Star Sept. 10th, 2010, also to be published by two other Illinois newspapers:

Forum: Questions about 9-11 attackers remain

9-11 always reminds me of reading the early newspaper reports that Mohammed Atta and cohorts were not Muslim fundamentalists. All the accounts from neighbors, cab drivers, bar owners and even a girlfriend who was a stripper were consistent in describing those guys as drinking, drugging, womanizing egomaniacs who cared nothing whatsoever for Islam or Allah.

I think it may shockingly emerge that Muslims were framed for the horrendous crimes of 9-11, so that the powers-that-be could have "a reason" to use American blood and treasure for invading and occupying the Middle East with its resources.

Once you know that a year prior to 9-11, Rumsfeld, Cheney, Jeb Bush and others published exactly such proposals - look up PNAC (Project for a New American Century) - then it becomes alarming that they further stated their military goals could not be accomplished without some "catalyzing and catastrophic event - like a new Pearl Harbor." A year later, George W. Bush called 9-11 a new Pearl Harbor.

My point is: What if Muslims didn't do it? And what would that mean in terms of a new direction in world history?

Connie Cook Smith


Friday, September 10, 2010

National Association of Muslim American Women (NAMAW) declares Muslim innocence, calls for new 9/11 investigation and an apology

NAMAW Chairwoman, Anisa Abd el Fattah

National Association of Muslim American Women (NAMAW) declares Muslim innocence, calls for new 9/11 investigation and an apology in upcoming radio program.

US Muslim women's Association says Muslims have been unjustly scapegoated and calls for new independent investigation of 9/11.

USA. September 10th, 2010.

In an attempt to set the record straight and to end false and unproven allegations that it was Muslims who planned and carried out the devastating and criminal attacks on the World Trade Center in NY City, and the Pentagon in Washington DC, on September 11, 2001, a national Muslim Women's organization will provide proof during an international radio broadcast, that Muslims did not carry out those attacks.

On September 11, 2010 at 10:00am, EST, The National Association of Muslim American Women (NAMAW) will issue a statement via an international radio broadcast, where they will provide proof that Muslims did not attack the US on 9/11. The program can be accessed at

"This is our humble effort to free Muslims from the unfair and unjust stigma that has been placed upon us by those who rushed to judgment after 9/11, and wrongly blamed Muslims and Islam for the attacks", says NAMAW founder and Chairwoman Anisa Abd el Fattah. "Since that time numerous experts in the fields of aviation, aeronautics, demolitions, architects, engineers and other scientists, and first responders have compiled an impressive body of proof, showing clearly that Muslims did not attack the US on 9/11, or at any other time. Abd el Fattah said further, that "We hope to provide some of that evidence for our listeners consideration, and also to read some of the testimonies presented by military experts, including a former NATO General and presidential candidate, calling for a new investigation based upon some of the same evidence we will present."

Along with declaring Muslim innocence based upon scientific proof that creates a reasonable doubt as to the truthfulness of the official 9/11 report, NAMAW will call for a new and independent investigation, and also for an apology and reparations to the families of the nearly 5 million Muslims killed in the so called war on terrorism launched in revenge for 9/11. To date 5 Muslim countries have been invaded, attacked and occupied as a result of 9/11 . NAMAW hopes that this action will end the violence and hatred against Muslims that resulted from the 9/11 attacks, the false charges and continued scapegoating of Muslims.

Radio Presentation: Reasonable Doubt: How we Know Muslims Did Not Attack the US on 9/11
When: September 11th, 2010
Time: 10:00am EST

For more information contact at

"Strive as in a race to achieve the goal of excellence in all that you do."

For real insights visit:

National Association of Muslim American Women (Facebook)