Saturday, August 17, 2013

ACTION ALERT! Please help end the massacres in Egypt

President Morsi, the first democratically-elected leader in more than 5,000 years of Egypt's history, has been overthrown in a Zionist coup d'├ętat.

President Morsi's biggest crime? His support for 9/11 truth.



Assalaamu Alaikum wa Rahmatullah wa Barakatuhu

The massacre of unarmed men, women, and children protestors perpetrated by Egyptian security forces in many Egyptian cities on Wednesday and Friday, August 14 and 16, 2013 is an unimaginable and heinous crime.

We, the American Muslims, strongly condemn this mass murder of innocent people of Egypt. We call for the protection of human life and freedom of expression and assembly in Egypt.

As a Muslim and a human being, we should and must let our voices be heard by the American and Egyptian authorities to stop this bloodbath immediately.
The minimum we can do is to make du'aa for the victory of Muslim brothers and sisters who are striving to establish justice and corruption free society in Egypt and also please write and/or phone calls to:

1)    Egyptian Embassy: Tel.: 202-895-5400; Fax: 202-244-4319;

2)    US Secretary of State: 202-647-4000; 202-647-6575
3)    The White House: 202-456-1111; 202-456-1414
4)    Saudi Embassy: Tel.: 202-342-3800; E-mail: 

Please spare some time and watch the following moving video on the topic. May Allah reward you for your good deeds. Aameen.

Best regards,
Info. Desk, Muslim Leaders of NY

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    The Israelis, whose military had close ties to General Sisi from his former post as head of military intelligence, were supporting the takeover as well. Western diplomats say that General Sisi and his circle appeared to be in heavy communication with Israeli colleagues, and the diplomats believed the Israelis were also undercutting the Western message by reassuring the Egyptians not to worry about American threats to cut off aid.

    Israeli officials deny having reassured Egypt about the aid, but acknowledge having lobbied Washington to protect it.

    When Senator Rand Paul, Republican of Kentucky, proposed an amendment halting military aid to Egypt, the influential American Israel Public Affairs Committee sent a letter to senators on July 31 opposing it, saying it “could increase instability in Egypt and undermine important U.S. interests and negatively impact our Israeli ally.” Statements from influential lawmakers echoed the letter, and the Senate defeated the measure, 86 to 13, later that day.