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India's false-flag follies continue: Journalist and Iranians were innocent patsies

Almost all of India's "radical Muslim terror" has been exposed as radical Hindu-Zionist false-flag terror designed to fan the flames of the Zionists' global war on Islam.
  Now investigative journalist Gareth Porter has exposed India's latest false-flag scandal: The framing of innocent journalist Syed Mohommed Ahmad Kazmi and four innocent Iranians for the false-flag bombing of an Israeli embassy car. If history is any guide, Israel bombed its own embassy car and paid off its assets in the Indian police to frame the designated patsies.

Israel has been caught repeatedly bombing its own embassies, Jewish community centers, etc.:

Israel bombs own embassy in Buenos Aires, March 17th, 1992, and then bombs the Jewish Mutual Building on July 18th, 1994, in failed efforts to implicate Iran

Former MI5 agent reveals: Israel bombed own embassy in London

Below is  the first  installment of Gareth Porter's three-part report.

-Kevin Barrett

Evidence in Delhi Embassy Bombing Suggests Journalist Was Framed

Tuesday, 28 August 2012 13:31     By Gareth Porter, Inter Press Service | Report

In "The Delhi Car Bombing: How the Police Built a False Case", a three-part series beginning today, award-winning investigative journalist Gareth Porter dissects the Delhi police accusation against an Indian journalist and four Iranians of involvement in the Feb. 13 bombing of an Israeli embassy car.

Washington - New Delhi police officials have released hundreds of pages of documents from their investigation into the Feb. 13 bombing of an Israeli Embassy car. The documents aimed to show that a well-known Indian Muslim journalist aided an Iranian conspiracy to plan and carry out the bombing.

But a review by IPS of the evidence filed in the case suggests that the Indian journalist accused in the case has been framed by the police, at least in part to implicate the Iranians in the terror plot.

The "charge sheet" on the embassy car bombing filed by the "Special Cell" (SC) of the Delhi police July 31 claims Indian journalist Syed Mohommed Ahmad Kazmi confessed to helping officials from Iran plan the bombing plot in return for payments totalling 5,500 U.S. dollars.

It also says that a moped used for reconnaissance by the Iranian said to have carried out the bombing was found in Kazmi's residence and that forensic bomb-making evidence was discovered in the hotel room of that same Iranian.

But an analysis of the documentation included in the filing reveals that the evidence is highly questionable.

The SC has a long history of cases against alleged terrorists that were rejected by the court as involving framing people and planting false evidence.

Kazmi is an unlikely candidate for participation in an Iranian terrorist plot. A 50-year-old senior Indian journalist, he had his own web-based news service, a regular job as a columnist for the leading Urdu-language weekly and a retainer as Urdu newscaster for India's state-owned television channel Doordarshan.

He did not need the 5,500 U.S. dollars police claim he received for helping the Iranians plan the bombing. Nor did he need the 2.26 million rupees (40,000 U.S. dollars) in foreign remittances that Delhi police chief B. K. Gupta asserted in a press conference in mid-March that the journalist and his wife had received in their bank accounts. Gupta declared that Kazmi and his wife had been "unable to explain" those remittances.

But Kazmi's family has produced bank documents showing that the remittances had come from relatives in the UK and Singapore in 2009 and 2010. Furthermore, the "Economic Directorate" of the Indian Police assigned to investigate the remittances could find nothing incriminating in them, the Indian press has reported.

A more serious problem with the SC case is that it depends heavily on Kazmi's alleged confession of guilt. That confession, consisting of five separate statements between Mar. 6 and 24, is inadmissible as evidence under Indian law on the assumption that police will inevitably coerce those in their custody to make confessions.

Kazmi has denounced all the "disclosure statements" attributed to him as false. He charged in a handwritten petition to the court Apr. 16 that the SC had coerced him into providing his signature on blank pages. He said the police threatened that his family with "dire consequences" if he did not do as they directed.

Except for the very first "disclosure statement" dated Mar. 6, all of them are followed by the handwritten notation "Accused refused to sign".

Most of the five "disclosures" were clearly written by the Special Cell in order to implicate both Kazmi and three Iranians in the bombing plot. The disclosures make Kazmi appear eager to incriminate himself, even though the police account offers no reason for considering Kazmi a suspect, except that his mobile phone number was said to have been called by a Houshang Afshar Irani, who in turn was said to have been contacted by an Iranian involved in the Feb. 14 explosion in Bangkok.

The disclosure dated Mar. 6 and supposedly given to police before Kazmi was even under arrest confesses to having been informed of the plot for a bombing in Delhi by a Seyed Ali Mahdiansadr during a visit to Tehran in January 2011, and having agreed to help the plotters.

Kazmi is also portrayed in the statement as admitting to having been given a Kinetic brand moped by Irani for safekeeping at his home during the first week in May 2011. The police cite that statement as the justification for immediately arresting him and for allegedly seizing the moped from Kazmi's residence.

There is good reason to believe that the police had already followed Irani's trail during his two-week visit to Delhi in late April and early May 2011 and had learned before Kazmi's arrest that he had purchased a used black Kinetic moped at a commercial showroom in Delhi on Apr. 26.

Kazmi's family and lawyer Mehmood Pracha say the moped taken away from his residence Mar. 6 was not the one identified in the police "seizure memo", which has the same identification number as found on the receipt for Irani's purchase of the scooter, but one left by Kazmi's brother two years ago and never used during that time.

The memo for the scooter is signed and dated by Deputy Chief of Police Sanjeev Yadav, the senior police official in the SC investigation, and one other officer. It is signed but not dated by a third officer. The fact that Kazmi's signature is on the document without any date suggests that he signed a blank sheet of paper.

The Kinetic moped is crucial to the SC effort to link Kazmi to Irani's alleged reconnaissance of the Israeli embassy to prepare for the bombing, because there is no other evidence except Kazmi's own discredited "disclosures". But the story about the moped raises serious questions about its plausibility.

It would have made no sense for a terrorist to purchase a moped for that purpose, since Kazmi owned a car that would have made the task far easier as well as more secure.

The alleged turnover of the moped to Kazmi by Irani at the end of his two-week visit makes even less sense, because it suggests that he was planning to use it again for the actual bombing operation. But someone contemplating an operation to affix a magnet bomb to a car would never have considered using a moped for the job. A Kinetic moped normally cannot go faster than 20 miles per hour and is notoriously poor in acceleration, making a getaway for the bomber highly problematic.

In the event, Irani rented a motorcycle when he returned, suggesting that had probably disposed of the moped by reselling it cheaply.

Another sign that the police had trouble linking Kazmi to Irani's reconnaissance of the Israeli Embassy is the statement attributed to him in one of the "disclosures". Whenever he met with Irani, his supposed disclosure says, "I used to leave my mobile phone at my residence."

That sentence was evidently included to explain why a search of Kazmi's mobile phone records would not reveal any activity in the area where the "disclosure" claims Kazmi and Irani were carrying out reconnaissance of the Israeli Embassy during Irani's two-week stay.

The police used the same argument in a 2007 terrorism case in which they had alleged that the accused had taken a trip to Kashmir to collect explosives but had left his mobile phone at his guest house.

The Court did not find the assertion credible, however, and threw out the charges.

*This story is the first in a three-part series, "The Delhi Car Bombing: How the Police Built a False Case", in which award-winning investigative journalist Gareth Porter dissects the Delhi police accusation against an Indian journalist and four Iranians of involvement in the Feb. 13 bombing of an Israeli embassy car.

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Al-CIA-duh exposed!

Who are Al Qaeda's enemies?

By Elias Davidsson
August 23, 2012

In a fatwa allegedly issued by Osama bin Laden in 1998, he called on Muslims to kill Americans and Jews in order to contribute to the liberation of the Muslim people from US and Zionist oppression.  After that date, Osama bin Laden was designated by Western leaders and media as the leader of the ubiquitous Al Qaeda, and as the prime enemy of Western democracy.

Taking Osama bin Laden’s fatwa seriously, one would have expected Muslim volunteers to start a world-wide campaign of attacks specifically targeting Americans and Jews around the world.  We discover, however, that this did not happen. On the contrary, hardly any Jews and Israelis were attacked by Al Qaeda.  And only a few Americans died at the hand of Al Qaeda operatives. Here a brief overview:

Al Qaeda does not target Israelis, Jews and Americans

(a)  Despite Al Qaeda rhetoric of solidarity with the struggle of the Palestinian people and the aforementioned fatwa attributed to Osama bin Laden, there are no recorded attacks by Al Qaeda aimed at Israeli territory, Israeli installations abroad or Israeli citizens.

(b)  There are only two or three known attacks attributed to Al Qaeda that allegedly targeted Jewish synagogues (Djerba, Tunisia and Istanbul, Turkey). Yet in Djerba no Jew is known to have died (most victims were German tourists) and in Istanbul most victims were Muslims.  These attacks were, incidentally, not  properly investigated.  There are no known Al Qaeda attacks directed against European or North-American Jews.

(c) A few attacks attributed to or claimed by Al Qaeda were, admittedly, aimed at American citizens or installations. A review of these attacks demonstrates, however, the complicity of the U.S. authorities in each of these attacks:
-  The attack on the WTC in 1993 was facilitated by the FBI, as revealed in the trial of the suspects.
-  The attack on the US embassies in East Africa in 1998 was facilitated by a US covert agent, Ali Mohamed, a declared operative of both the CIA and FBI. His participation was revealed in court.
-  The massive and deadly operation on September 11, 2001, caused the deaths of 3,000 people, for the most part Americans. Yet, it is now well established that these attacks were most likely mounted by the US military, without even a nominal participation by Al Qaeda. At the very least, there is not a shred of forensic evidence that Al Qaeda members or sympathizers participated in the operation and the FBI admitted in June 2006 that it possessed no evidence of a connection between Osama bin Laden and the attacks.

(d) Despite the availability of thousands of vulnerable U.S. targets worldwide, including numerous U.S.-based corporations, American tourists and loosely defended U.S. military bases,  Al Qaeda has refrained from attacking these targets.

Who are the actual victims of Al Qaeda?

1.  Muslims

Most Al Qaeda victims are Muslims, particularly Shi’a Muslims and moderate, secularized Muslims.

In Iraq
The largest deadly campaign by Al Qaeda against Shi’a Muslims has taken place in Iraq.  Thousands of Shi’a Muslims have been literally slaughtered by Al Qaeda operatives in Iraq since the demise of the Saddam regime.  Hardly a week passes in which no terrorist attack against Iraqi Shi’a is mounted by Al Qaeda. Sometimes, such attacks are presented as emanating from former supporters of Saddam Hussein. 

In Pakistan
Since 2001, over 1,000 terrorist attacks have been committed in Pakistan. The overwhelming majority of the fatalities are Pakistani Muslims.  According to a detailed study by the present author of 110 major terrorist attacks committed in Pakistan between 2001 and 2009, most of these attacks were aimed at civilians and were not claimed by a bona fide organisation. It is likely that at least part of these attacks have been mounted by Al Qaeda or groups linked to Al Qaeda.

In Algeria
Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM) has, since approximately 2006, supplanted the former GIA (Armed Islamic Group), as the terrorist organisation most active in Algeria and the Sahel region.  The GIA and AQIM are known to have been heavily infiltrated by the Algerian secret services and actually directed by these services.  The targets of AQIM are both ordinary Algerian citizens (Muslims) or foreign tourists.  Since 1992, it is estimated that 200,000 Algerians had died in a covert war masterminded by the Algerian security services, with the help of GIA and AQIM.

In Libya
During the period of Col. Ghaddafi’s rule, Al Qaeda operatives were hired by the British MI5 to assassinate the Libyan leader. That operationi failed.  In 2011, Al Qaeda participated in the uprising of Islamic forces in Libya to topple Ghaddafi’s regime, killing thousands of Libyan Muslims in the process. These activities were supported by NATO bombings.

In Jordan
Al Qaeda mounted a number of deadly operations in Jordan, killing dozens of Jordanian civilians, all of them Muslims.  In one case, Israeli tourists were forewarned of the attacks and left the site before the bombing.

In Syria
Al Qaeda is currently participating in the civil war in that country, in an attempt to destabilize the Syrian regime and ensure the balkanization of the country, in conformity with long-term Israeli strategic aims formulated in the 1980s.

(2)  Serbs

Al Qaeda fighters were transported to Bosnia and Kosovo with the assistance of the British and U.S. governments to fight against Serb forces.  Al Qaeda helped dismember former Yugoslavia, a strategy pursued by Western powers and initiated by the IMF.

(3) Russians

Al Qaeda fighters participate in the fight of Chechnya separatists against the Russian authorities.  Chechnya separatism is congruent with Western strategic interests to weaken the Russian army and dismember the Russian federation.

(4) Chinese

Al Qaeda is operating in the Uighur province of China, as part of a long-term strategy to destabilize and probably dismember China.  These activities remain, for the time being, relatively small-scale.

(4)  Hindus

Al Qaeda fighters have been recruited to mount operations in India, that are made to appear as if masterminded by Pakistan. The apparent aim of such operations is to stir tensions between Pakistan and India and prevent these nuclear powers to join forces against Western imperialism.

(5) Africans

Al Qaeda fighters have mounted various operations in African countries aimed at whipping up distrust and hatred against Muslims.  The aim of such operations is to prevent Africans from uniting, a vision promoted by Col. Ghaddafi.

The role of Al Qaeda in the imperialist strategy

According to available information, Al Qaeda is most likely micro-managed and financed by Saudi Arabia and strategically steered by U.S. and British intelligence services.  For all practical purposes, it is best to consider Al Qaeda as an Islamic militia of the CIA/MI5.  Al Qaeda operations are an integral part of imperialist strategy. These operations have multiple purposes:

(a) To maintain within the Western world fear of a deadly enemy and thus justify the maintenance of a large military contingent and foreign expeditionary operations. Without the appearance of a deadly enemy, the populations in Western democracies are likely to demand a significant reduction in military expenditures and forcefully oppose foreign interventions, which are the lifeblood of imperialism.

(b) To stir up civil wars in Muslim countries, and justify thereby so-called humanitarian interventions.

(c) To stir up distrust and hatred between African Muslims and non-Muslims, in order to prevent African unity

(d) To keep the Muslim world intellectually and technologically backward by supporting religious fanatism.

(e) To justify mass surveillance within the Western world, in the garb of preventing terrorism.

(f) To destabilize and balkanize the remaining pockets of potential resistance against imperialism, including the major federal states of Russia, China, India, Iran and Indonesia. 


Elias Davidsson, born in Occupied Palestine to parents who escaped the Nazi holocaust, is a German-based musician and human rights activist. His research established years ago that there is no evidence that any Muslims were involved in hijacking any planes on September 11th, 2001, and that the 19 accused "9/11 hijackers" were innocent men defamed by the US government.

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Washington Times reports: Missouri Democrat launches 9-11 Truth PAC

Long version of this article, published in the Free Beacon.

Missouri Democrat launches 9-11 Truth PAC

by Adam Credo
Missouri Democrat launches 9-11 Truth PAC
A Democratic Party caucus chairman who has speculated about Jewish involvement in the 9/11 terrorist attacks has launched a new political action committee dedicated to supporting “anti-Zionist” Muslim candidates who believe “the ‘war on terror’ is a hoax and that the official story of 9/11 is not true,” according to the group’s website.

MD Rabbi Alam is an Obama campaign ally and Missouri-based Democratic activist who came under fire in July after he told the Free Beacon that “not a single Jew” was killed during the 9/11 attacks. (Alam is not a rabbi.) ...

Called the American Muslim Political Action Committee (AMPAC), the group aims to get “Muslims elected to office” and become more active in the American political system. Alam is listed at the website’s owner.

* * *

AMPAC response:

Dear Adam Credo,

Your article "Missouri Democrat launches 9-11 Truth PAC" is misleading, perhaps even libelous, and ought to be corrected.

The phrases "speculated about Jewish involvement" and "not a single Jew" give the reader a false and arguably libelous impression of MD Alam's position on 9/11. In fact, MD has publicly declared that he mis-spoke when he made these statements, and he has apologized to the Jewish community. He has corrected himself by explaining that he was referring to the fact that there is documented proof of Israelis (not Jews as such) being warned and vacating the Towers prior to 9/11, resulting in a "miraculous" dearth of Israelis killed in the three controlled demolitions that day.  For proof of controlled demolitions, see

Also, your article suggests that AMPAC's primary or sole focus is 9/11, Zionism, and the "war on terror." Even a cursory examination of the website shows that this is not the case. The truth is that AMPAC will be supporting essentially all Muslim candidates for office, and will be focusing on a wide range of issues.

Please publish a correction establishing, for the record, the facts as stated above.


Kevin Barrett
MD Alam
Co-founders, AMPAC

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Hard-hitting 9/11 truth in Press TV's report on Orange County "spy on Muslims" case

[Note: This Press TV video includes hard-hitting 9/11 truth statements by Muslims for 9/11 Truth co-founder Kevin Barrett, echoed by Imam Musa] 
A federal judge in the US has rejected a lawsuit filed against the country’s administration over spying by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) on Muslims in Orange County, California.

US District Judge Cormac J. Carney made the decision on Tuesday, claiming that if the suit proceeds, it may disclose ‘sensitive government data.’

The move came in response to a lawsuit filed last year when FBI sent an undercover informant, named Craig Monteilh, to the mosques of Orange County. Muslims say the agency has violated their civil liberties.

Following the ruling, the non-profit American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) of Southern California and the US-based organization of Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), which had lodged the compliant on behalf of three Orange County Muslims, said they would appeal the judge’s decision.

Press TV has conducted an interview with Abdul Alim Musa, the Imam of Masjid al-Islam, from Washington, to further discuss the issue.

The program also offers the opinions of two other guests: Richard Becker, with A.N.S.W.E.R. Coalition, from San Francisco, and Dr. Kevin Barrett, with the Muslim-Jewish-Christian Alliance, from Madison. The following is a rough transcription of the interview with Abdul Alim Musa.

Press TV: Let’s look at and zoom in on that new racial profiling because it seems like not a new story but occurring time and again. I’d like to ask you this, Abdul Ali Musa, why is it that it keeps continuing?

Maybe you can shed light on this if you have personal experience of it yourself. I know that in some examples, Muslims, persons of religious faith of Islam, going through, for example, airports in the United States get looked at in a different light.

Musa: [In the Name of God - Most Beneficent; Most Merciful] First of all, I would like to say that on the situation of Orange County, I’ve spoken there several times at the University of Irvine. The imam at the masjid in Irvine that was there a few years ago, Imam Sadullah Khan from South Africa, we have been personal friends for decades.

What I found there was not only infiltration of the masjid and the workings in Orange County from the low end but also the second in command of our organization, a notorious saboteur and infiltrator, we used to call him Amir Abdul Malik Ali, it seems as though he worked in perfect cooperation with Israeli agents and American institutions to arrange situations in Orange County especially at the university.

This person was based in Oakland but would go to Orange County or go to Irvine at least once or twice a week for several years.

It seems as though they would arrange situations that would justify the government infiltrating. They have to have a pretext or a reason, like our brother said earlier about 9/11 and all of these government arranged processes. The same thing happened in Orange County.

Why is it a repeat in our history? Anyone in America that wants to do good, the race doesn’t matter: if you are Philip Berrigan, if you’re Martin Luther King or if you’re Malcolm X, it didn’t matter.

If you want to make a better world or institute a new program improving the condition of humanity, the government has a set pattern to come out and crush you anyway it can.

We go back to the Judge [Robert] Bork days when he was trying to get in the Supreme Court, over 25 years ago when the government lost a case against the Palestinian Nine -- they called them the Palestinian Nine, they were not all Palestinians - in the mid 1980s, the government lost its case. It was thrown out because the government used illegal means to acquire information, and it was thrown out.

That was the beginning of this stage for the renewal of the changing or the arrange for the changing of the laws of the United States and what we call a constitutional dictatorship to the point that now we are targeted killings, we have Anwar al-Awlaki and his son droned to death, we have drones in Pakistan, we have drones all over the Muslim world killing people without any due process, without any justification and without any explanation.

Now, the laws inside the United States, the Constitution, have been removed from society. Technically, the Bill of Rights doesn’t exist. This is why the government now feels free to say we can’t disclose any of the illegal doings that we do because it’s a state secret.

Well, everything that they do is a state secret but they feel free to trample on our so-called constitutional rights and guarantees.

We believe this is an arranged process. We believe that there are three main - when we talk about terror, we talk about the American government militarily around the world, the Israeli government with the media, the Israeli affiliates throughout the world and their operatives that control the media, the books and everything else that feed us a diet of disbelief.

Then we have Saudi Arabia. When you hear about al-Qaeda, when you hear about Taliban, when you hear about all of these disjointed Muslims killing other Muslims, then you’re talking about Saudi Arabia.

Remember, when you tied a triangle of terror together, you have American military, Israeli or Zionist media, and then you have the Saudi Arabians which help arrange things.

In 9/11, they said most of them were Saudi Arabians. So, if they were from Saudi Arabia, why didn’t they invade Saudi Arabia instead of invading Afghanistan?

Press TV: Imam Musa, since our guest there in San Francisco talked about the Occupy movement, we had news last week that came out that the US government has through their security apparatus raided some homes of Occupy protesters in certain states and actually retrieved some of the documents there including, perhaps, documents stored in their computers.

Why have they gone this far? Do they think the problem will be resolved in this form and manner when the bigger picture that the Occupy movement is preaching is not something that’s being addressed? -At least that’s the feeling that the Occupy movement has.

Musa: We can clearly see -- again, I am here in Washington D.C. and our original office, masjid and center is in Oakland, California. Oakland, California, has been one of the centers of the Occupy movement.

When I went down to visit several times, I could see clearly that they had already arranged many saboteurs, many infiltrators, many people to cause trouble and make it look like this totally non-violent movement was involved in violence, dope smoking.

In Dallas and other places, they sent homeless people and drug addicts and everything to press on the movement and join the movement; and it justifies the police again in cracking down.

As our brother said earlier, this system, automatically, I don’t know why we have to repeat it so much, it automatically goes into the mode of oppression.

If you take issues like Imam Luqman who was assassinated three years ago in Detroit, it was a setup, it was arranged, and was a clear assassination; whether it’s the masjid in New York, whether it’s our centers in Washington D.C., in Oakland.

There was a report this month, the August edition of Horizon, this is a national Islamic magazine, and they did research and they came up with a number: they feel there have been over 500,000 interviews by the Federal government since 9/11 of Muslims - just one point - 15,000 agents... 

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Confence call every Friday, re: creating Muslim American Political Action Committee (AMPAC)

The brand-new American Muslim Political Action Committee (AMPAC) is hosting a conference call  every Friday at 6 pm Central (7 pm Eastern, 4 pm Pacific) to discuss and develop our mission. The Telephone Access Code 1-(559) 726-1000, PIN - 217357#

Here is the email invitation:

From: "MD RABBI  ALAM for Missouri Secretary of State"  rabbituli00(at)yahoo(dot)com
Date: August 9, 2012 3:45:05 AM CDT
Subject: [KC_Muslim_Community] Conference Call With Dr. Kevin Barrett and Educating the Community

Please join me and Dr. Kevin Barrett every Friday at 6:00PM Central Standard Time (CST) and share your thoughts on how to address American Muslim Political Engagement and bring a new generation of hope for PEACE for American Muslims.

The Telephone Access Code 1-(559) 726-1000, PIN - 217357#

This Conference Call will be held on Every Friday for next 60 Months. So make your schedule around this Conference Call.

You can watch the Live Video Casting by visiting online:​channel/ampac

Find the event details online:

Hope you can join the Conference Call and help us to be educated.

* * *

Q: Why another organization? We already have CAIR and ISNA and MPAC and other groups.
A: None of these organizations focuses exclusively on getting Muslims involved in the political process: (1) Getting Muslims elected to office, (2) Getting Muslims out to vote, and (3) Making sure that the views and values of Muslims help make policy in America.

Q: What are “the views and values of Muslims?” Aren't Muslims diverse in their political views?
A: AMPAC will focus on those issues that are of special importance to the Muslim community, and where there is a significant degree of agreement among Muslims. For example, there is widespread agreement in the community (though this is censored by the current leadership) that the “war on terror” is a hoax and that the official story of 9/11 is not true. See: Since Muslims have suffered extreme discrimination due to the phony “war on terror,” this issue deserves to be at the top of Muslims' list of political priorities. Also, the majority of Muslims are pro-peace, anti-Zionist, and opposed to usury (riba). Perhaps most importantly, Muslims oppose corruption (al-fasaad) and support clean, honest and transparent governance. We will support candidates according to their positions on these and other important issues.

Q: Aren't some of these views too “radical”? Won't they alienate non-Muslims?
A: The history of the Jewish-Zionist lobby AIPAC shows that it is more effective to be “radical” and express one's views strongly and honestly, than to be fearful and timid. The best defense is a good offense. Most of our seemingly “radical” positions are closely aligned with the views of the majority of the American people, who oppose the 9/11 wars, want to cut military spending, dislike the Patriot Act and other unconstitutional laws, and hate big bankster usury. Polls even show that 36% of the American people think it is likely that 9/11 was a false-flag operation! That is more people than voted for President Obama.

Q: Will there be any favoritism toward Democrats versus Republicans, since M.D. Alam is a well-known Democrat?
A: No. AMPAC is nonpartisan. But our support for candidates will be partly determined by their positions on issues important to Muslims. For example, in the Republican Party, Mitt Romney is a strong supporter of Zionism and the “war on terror” while Ron Paul is not, so we would be inclined to support Paul over Romney. Another reason to support Ron Paul is that Paul is an opponent of the corrupt, usury-based Federal Reserve monetary system. We believe Muslims should support Ron Paul and other like-minded Republicans, as well as pro-peace and pro-civil-liberties Democrats. Our support for candidates will be determined by their positions on issues important to Muslims, not by which party they belong to.

Q: What, specifically, will AMPAC do?
A: AMPAC will provide monetary support to Muslim and Muslim-friendly political candidates; encourage Muslims to run for office and provide logistical and monetary support to those who run; highlight specific political campaigns deserving of Muslim support; educate American Muslims about the political system and how they can and should get involved; and educate the American public about Muslim values, Muslim involvement in politics, and why Muslims hold the political views that they do.
We hope and expect that all Muslims running for office will contact us so we can list their campaigns on our website and offer America's millions of Muslims a convenient way to donate to their campaigns, and if possible volunteer.
Once we are up and running, we hope to have a newsletter aimed at politically mobilizing Muslims. We will also regularly issue press releases to the general media designed to educate non-Muslims and win support for our positions and activities, and solicit TV and radio interviews and news stories.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Leaked film: US military developing genocidal anti-Islam bio-weapon

9/11 was a Zionist false-flag attack designed to trick the West into launching a genocidal war on Islam.

More than two million Muslims have been killed; tens of millions have had their lives ruined; several Muslim countries have been smashed into pieces according to the Oded Yinon plan to Balkanize the Middle East; and the religion of Islam has been dealt a series of blows as many of its greatest leaders have been kidnapped, tortured, and murdered; while the survivors have been conditioned by advanced mind-control techniques not to defend themselves and their faith.

The undeniable fact that we are living in an era of an attempted anti-Islam genocide (part of a satanic New World Order plan to eliminate the worship of God on earth) has now been proven beyond the slightest shred of doubt. This leaked Pentagon video details a plan to introduce mind-controlling biological warfare agents into flu vaccines that would be distributed in Muslim countries.

The perpetrators of this genocidal plan claim that their bio-weapon would merely kill off the part of the brain associated with "religious extremism." But what is "religious extremism"? According to the Israel-run US Pentagon, those who are willing to die fi sabili llah (in the path of God) to resist a genocidal foreign invasion of their country are "religious extremists."

I would just call them "Muslims" and "human beings." The Qur'an demands that Muslims fight back when their community is invaded. And human nature demands the same thing.

According to the Pentagon's satanic viewpoint, the Prophet Muhammad (peace upon him) was a "religious extremist." So were Jesus and Buddha and Moses and all the other great prophets and saints and religious teachers and pious scholars, may Allah be pleased with all of them.

Obviously the organization developing this genocidal bio-weapon, which is designed to kill off the part of the brain that plugs us in to the whole purpose of human existence - which is to surrender completely to God, and live and struggle in the path of God - is even more Satanic than the most "radical" Muslims could ever have imagined.

Anyone who is not waging an all out struggle, by whatever means are most effective, against this genocidal satanic monster is neither a Muslim nor a human being worthy of the supreme gift of life.

-Kevin Barrett