Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Imran Hosein, the original 9/11 truth shaykh, on Sunni & Shia

Shaykh Imran Hosein with Randy Short and Tony Hall in Tehran

Shaykh Imran Hosein, author of A Muslim Response to the Attack on America, got 9/11 right shortly after it happened…and left the USA forever.

He is now widely acknowledged to be one of the most qualified and authentic voices of Islamic scholarship and spirituality. And he understands the reality behind global events - from a perspective informed by his expertise in eschatology - better than anyone.

In his latest lecture, Shaykh Imran Hosein asserts:

 "The escalation of hatred of Shias among Sunni Muslims in Muslim countries is a deliberate plan of Shaytanic forces to create a world wide civil war between Shias and Sunnis for the benefit of Israel. Sheikh Imran Hosein exposes this plot along with other kernels of truth in hopes of waking up Muslims, especially Sunni Muslims. There couldn't be a worst time in history for this plot to gain success. This is a time when, Islam and ALL Muslims are being most viciously attacked by Islamophobes, terrorists, Mushriks, Israel, Arab puppet leaders and the military might of NATO. Both the religion and the people of Islam are under the most extreme, unwarranted assaults in their history. The absolute worst thing Muslims can do is join in the destruction of themselves by fighting with each other. More than any other time in our history, this is a time for Muslims to join together in unity.  

"As evidenced in Iraq, Afghanistan, Lebanon, Yemen, Palestine, Syria, Somalia, Sudan, Pakistan, Libya, Kasmir and other Muslim countries, the common enemies of Muslims do not care if the Muslims school of thought followed is Shia or Sunni, they wage war and destruction on both. Those pushing Shia/Sunni divide do nothing more than play into the hands of our worst enemies. It is time for all right minded people be they Sunni, Shia, Christian and others to come together and work hard against our common enemy who wants to destroy us all..."

Watch the lecture at Ascertain the Truth.