Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Hamid Karzai: US Private "Security" Firms Spread False-Flag Terror

Apparently the Empire of Lies can't even prevent the puppet presidents of the countries it occupies from telling the truth about US-Zionist false-flag terror.

Hamid Karzai may have sliced a few puppet strings yesterday by openly bragging about taking "bags of money" from Iran - whose President Ahmadinejad recently spoke out for 9/11 truth on the floor of the UN, and received a standing ovation from the representatives of the majority of nations on earth.

In addition to vaunting his growing ties with 9/11-truth-seeking Iran, Karzai has banned US private "security" firms from Afghanistan as of Dec. 17th, on the grounds that these firms are spreading false-flag terror. The New York Times reported today:

The Afghan president said security companies were responsible for a litany of bloody crimes against the country’s people. “When this money comes to Afghanistan, it causes insecurity in Afghan homes and causes the killing of Afghan children and causes explosions and terrorism in Afghanistan, ” Mr. Karzai said. He leveled several accusations against Western interests in Afghanistan and the news media, even going so far as to say that the security companies were interchangeable with the Taliban. “In fact we don’t know how many of the explosions are the fault of the Taliban and how much by them, ” said Mr. Karzai, referring to the security companies.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

US, Zionists prime suspects of 9/11 attacks: Indian Leader

Pakistan Observer, 10/20/2010 http://current.com/10bv34c

New Delhi—An Indian leader Saturday said that the US, and Zionists were the prime suspects of 9/11 attacks. In an exclusive interview with IRNA Asif Mohd Khan, Member of the Legislative Assembly of Delhi said: “US should respond those hundreds of unanswered questions which indicated that the September 11 attacks in 2001 were either intentionally allowed to happen or were orchestrated by the US and Zionists”. Expressing his full support for the stands taken by the President of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Indian leader urged UN as well as Obama administration to formate a fact-finding committee to probe into the events.

A fortnight ago Ahmadinejad in a speech to the UN General Assembly in New York, raised the issue of the many conspiracy theories still surrounding 9/11. He had also proposed that a fact-finding mission be set up by the UN to investigate the events. Asif said that subsequent attacks on Afghanistan and Iraq provided the fodder to the suspicion that US might have attack to justify military action in the Middle East.

Quoting to some of the surveys after the attacks, Indian leader said that such beliefs have currency even in the United States. In 2006, a Scripps Howard poll of 1,010 Americans found 36 percent thought it somewhat or very likely that US officials either participated in the attacks or took no action to stop them. “From the very beginning 9/11 attacks were doubtful, but after seeing the events in later years, the suspicions grown that it was their own operation to find a pretext to hit Muslim countries’, said Asif. Nations, thinkers and politicians around the globe suspect that it’s not a strange thing that the US staged something like this in their own country to achieve a big objective’, he added.

Indian leader said that the US actions and polices were always controversial. Afghanistan was attacked on the pretext of 9/11 attacks while Iraq was attacked on the pretext that it had Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMDs). Although both the pretexts were proved wrong.—NNI

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Pakistan's President says US is committing false-flag "Taliban" attacks

by Jason Ditz, antiwar.com


Pakistani President Asif Ali Zardari believes that the United States has been secretly behind a number of Taliban suicide attacks across the nation, according to a detailed account from Bob Woodward’s new book Obama’s Wars.

According to the book, Zardari expressed this concern to then-US envoy Zalmay Khalizad during a dinner, telling him that they were being arranged by either the US or India and that he “didn’t think India could be that clever.”

Met with shock by Khalizad, Zardari explained that it was part of a US plot to “destabilize Pakistan so that the US could invade and seize its nuclear weapons.” Zardari also apparently claimed that Afghan President Hamid Karzai had told him the US was responsible for the attacks.

The claims continued to get more elaborate, as Zardari claimed the CIA was overtly supporting Baitullah Mehsud and that the US had “revealed its support of the TTP.” Mehsud, the former leader of the TTP, was assassinated in August 2009, and has since been replaced by Hakimullah Mehsud.

[Comment: This story illustrates why Muslims need to expose false-flag terrorism in general, and 9/11 in particular, in order to prevent the whole Muslim world from being false-flagged to death. -KB]

Monday, October 11, 2010

Iran Wants Probe Into 9/11

Iran wants probe into 9/11
Sunday, October 10, 2010 - 15:29

Mohammad Kowsari is an Iranian lawmaker and he says Iran is ready to form a truth-finding committee into 9/11 and present their findings to the United Nations.

Surprisingly many American citizens also want this because there was no "real" investigation into the events of 9/11.

The group would find out who was really behind 9/11. Ahmadinejad called for the UN truth finding mission.

Mohammad Kowsari said that forming such a committee is needed to resolve "global problems".

Since 9/11 the US government has invaded countless countries, they have killed thousands of innocent civilians and felt the need to occupy some countries until today. Iraq is still full of US troops even though they deny it. All this was done under the pretext of "war on terror" and it all started with Saddam's not found "weapons of mass destruction" which until today has not been found.

Update: Ahmadinejad Announces New Panel to Probe 9/11:

Wednesday, 10/13/10: "I announce that the formation of an independent and neutral team to examine the facts and discover the truth of the Sept. 11 events is the demand of all the peoples of the region and the world," the Iranian president said during a visit to Lebanon, the London Telegraph newspaper reported. - qtd. in distorted story by Zionist hatemongers at NY Daily News

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Friday, October 8, 2010

Hamza Yusuf and Yusuf Estes: "Diplomatic" truth-seekers?

by Kevin Barrett, www.TruthJihad.com

A Muslima for 9/11 truth, who helped us personally deliver 9/11 truth materials to Sheikh Hamza Yusuf's Zaytuna Institute, recently forwarded a video of the Sheikh's passionate defense of truth and justice, and suggested that M911T may have helped inspire this kind of speech:

Unfortunately, Hamza Yusuf apparently has not yet publicly spoken out for 9/11 truth, even though in the above video he does excoriate CIA drug dealing. He may be concerned that if he took a public pro-9/11-truth stance, his effort to establish Zaytuna University as the first Muslim university in the USA would be impeded by attacks from the 9/11 perps, their dupes, and those in power who fear that 9/11 truth would be destabilizing. (Note how the Cordoba Islamic Center project came under attack from Fox News due to its rather tangential link to Muslims for 9/11 Truth board member Dr. Faiz Khan.)

Sheikh Yusuf Estes, like Sheikh Hamza Yusuf, is a prominent American Muslim leader who opposes thulm (oppression/injustice) in all its forms, is not stupid, and therefore may be assumed to be an ally of those seeking to expose the truth about 9/11 and false-flag terrorism. But Sheikh Yusuf, like Sheikh Hamza, is spearheading a major effort to take Islam in America to the next level--in this case by a massive dawa outreach program. Speaking too forthrightly about 9/11 would invite attacks that could impede the dawa program.

Listen to Sheikh Yusuf Estes on the Kevin Barrett Show -- he speaks out, diplomatically, about current injustices during the last 20 minutes.

Good, honest American Muslim leaders like these two Sheikhs face a terrible dilemma: Speak out passionately for truth and put the projects they've worked for so hard at risk, or implicitly support the big lie that launched a genocidal war on Islam?

Dr. Faiz Khan, who has retired from 9/11 activism except in his advisory capacity with Muslims for 9/11 Truth, has a suggestion for Muslims who, for whatever reason, feel they cannot speak out publicly for 9/11 truth. Dr. Khan's suggestion: At least don't support the lie! If they ask you about 9/11 and the war on terror and you feel you can't speak the truth, then remain silent!

Also, those who are not willing to speak out and struggle in defense of their faith and their people can provide moral and/or financial support to those who are willing.

Most American Muslims would not be risking big, important Islamic projects if they spoke out. At most, they would be risking their own comforts in the dunya.

The Qur'an tells us that choosing comfort in the dunya over doing the right thing is a very big mistake.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Who Is the Better Muslim?

One who is theologically correct but cowardly, or one who walks in footsteps of the Prophet SAAS and companions by speaking truth to power?

This video was forwarded by a brother who writes:

"A lot of people criticize him and what he's teaching in the name of Islam (including myself).
But, watch and ask yourself: Why isn't our so-called 'Muslim leadership' this passionate about exposing those devils? They may not be able to physically change it at the moment i.e.: 'If there is a wrong, change it with your hand.' But what about the next verse: 'If not that, change it with your tongue.' Where are all of their voices? Also, ask yourself, who put all of these tongueless people in charge? Did you? I didn't. If I chose to put someone in charge of being responsible for protecting the dignity of Muslims (and humanity at large) I certainly would choose someone with a tongue and strong back, and not someone whose knees are knocking together so loudly that you would not be able to hear their voice, even if they were to have one.
DEMAND that they speak, or find someone else who will!!!"

Saturday, October 2, 2010

AP: "9/11 conspiracy theories rife in Muslim world"

On the same day that CNN host Rick Sanchez was fired for telling the truth about who owns and runs the US media, the AP ran a shameless propaganda piece hyping the 9/11 big lie and slandering Muslims for believing their own eyes. This kind of "reporting" has set the stage for the genocidal murder of more than one million people in the 9/11 wars. Everyone involved in producing such "reporting" should be, and God willing will be, prosecuted for genocide at a future war crimes tribunal. -Kevin Barrett

9/11 conspiracy theories rife in Muslim world" - Associated Press

ISTANBUL – About a week ago, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad declared to the United Nations that most people in the world believe the United States was behind the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001.

To many people in the West, the statement was ludicrous, almost laughable if it weren't so incendiary. And surveys show that a majority of the world does not in fact believe that the U.S. orchestrated the attacks.

However, the belief persists strongly among a minority, even with U.S. allies like Turkey or in the U.S. itself. And it cannot be dismissed because it reflects a gulf in politics and perception, especially between the West and many Muslims.

"That theory might be true," said Ugur Tezer, a 48-year-old businessman who sells floor tiles in the Turkish capital, Ankara. "When I first heard about the attack I thought, 'Osama,' but then I thought the U.S. might have done it to suppress the rise of Muslims."

Compassion for the United States swept the globe right after the attacks, but conspiracy theories were circulating even then. It wasn't al-Qaida, they said, but the United States or Israel that downed the towers. Weeks after the strikes, at the United Nations, President George W. Bush urged the world not to tolerate "outrageous conspiracy theories" that deflected blame from the culprits.

However, the subsequent wars in Iraq and Afghanistan provided fodder for the damning claim that the U.S. killed its own citizens, supposedly to justify military action in the Middle East and to protect Israel. A 2006 survey by the Pew Global Attitudes Project found that significant majorities in Egypt, Indonesia, Jordan and Turkey — all among the most moderate nations in the Islamic world — said they did not believe Arabs carried out the attacks.

Two years later, a poll of 17 nations by WorldPublicOpinion.org, an international research project, found majorities in nine of them believed al-Qaida was behind the attacks. However, the U.S. government was blamed by 36 percent of Turks and 27 percent of Palestinians.

Such beliefs have currency even in the United States. In 2006, a Scripps Howard poll of 1,010 Americans found 36 percent thought it somewhat or very likely that U.S. officials either participated in the attacks or took no action to stop them.

Those who say the attacks might have been an "inside job" usually share antipathy toward the U.S. government, and often a maverick sensibility. Besides Ahmadinejad, high-profile doubters include Cuba's Fidel Castro and Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez. Former Minnesota governor and pro wrestler Jesse Ventura has questioned the official account. Conspiracy theorists have heckled former President Bill Clinton and other prominent Americans during speeches.

Controversy over U.S. actions and policies, including the widely discredited assertions that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction, reinforced the perceptions of conspiracy theorists. Iranians dug deeper into history, recalling the U.S.-backed coup in their country in 1953.

"Initially, I was doubtful about the conspiracy theories. But after seeing the events in later years, I don't have any doubt that it was their own operation to find a pretext to hit Muslim countries," said Shaikh Mushtaq Ahmed, a 58-year-old operations manager in a bank in Pakistan. "It's not a strange thing that they staged something like this in their own country to achieve a big objective."

In March, an editorial in The Washington Post harshly criticized Yukihisa Fujita, a lawmaker with the ruling Democratic Party of Japan, for saying in an interview that some of the Sept. 11 hijackers were alive and that shadowy forces with advance information about the plot played the stock market for profit. Fujita said the article contained factual errors.

The record shows that al-Qaida agents on a suicide mission hijacked four American passenger planes and crashed them into the World Trade Center towers, the Pentagon, and a field in Pennsylvania, killing nearly 3,000 people. The evidence is immense: witness accounts, audio recordings, video and photographic documentation, exhaustive investigations and claims of responsibility by al-Qaida.

Yet every fact and official assertion only feeds into alternative views that become amplified on the Internet, some tinged with anti-Semitism because of the close U.S.-Israeli alliance. They theorize that a knowing U.S. government stood by as the plot unfolded, or that controlled demolitions destroyed the Twin Towers, and the Pentagon was hit by a missile.

"All this, of course, would require hundreds if not thousands of people to be in on the plot. It speaks volumes for the determination to believe something," said David Aaronovitch, the British author of "Voodoo Histories: the role of Conspiracy Theory in Modern History."

"This kind of theory really does have a big impact in the Middle East," he said. "It gets in the way of thinking seriously about the problems in the area and what should be done."

A U.S. State Department website devotes space to debunking conspiracy theories about Sept. 11, in the apparent belief that the allegations must be addressed forcefully rather than dismissed out of hand as the ruminations of a fringe group.

"Conspiracy theories exist in the realm of myth, where imaginations run wild, fears trump facts, and evidence is ignored. As a superpower, the United States is often cast as a villain in these dramas," the site says.

Tod Fletcher of Petaluma, California, has worked as an assistant to David Ray Griffin, a retired theology professor, on books that question the Sept. 11 record. He was cautious about the Iranian president's comments about conspiracy theories, suggesting Ahmadinejad may have been politically motivated by his enmity with the U.S. government.

"It seems like it's the sort of thing that could lead to further vilification of people who criticize the official account here in the United States," Fletcher said.


Torchia reported from Istanbul. Associated Press Writers Gulden Alp in Ankara, Turkey, and Zarar Khan in Islamabad contributed to this report.