Friday, October 2, 2009

Yahoo News: "Ahmadinejad 1, Couric 0"

[Editor's note: Why do mainstream interviewers, in their attempts to discredit Ahmadinejad, always fail to ask him about his support for 9/11 truth?]

Ahmadinejad 1, Couric 0

Last week, Katie Couric had the tables turned on her. During an interview with Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Couric asked about Neda Soltan, the Iranian female who was shot and killed by Iranian security back in June.

After expressing his regret for the loss of life, Mr. Ahmadinejad pulled out a photo of another woman. He showed it to Ms. Couric and asked if she knew who the woman was. Couric said she didn't, and that's when Ahmadinejad pounced.

Ahmadinejad explained that the woman in the photo is Marwa Ali El-Sherbini. She was stabbed to death in a German court by a neo-Nazi. The Iranian president then asked why the death of Ms. El-Sherbini wasn't being publicized by the media in the same way as Neda's. Ahmadinejad "suggested that the western media — who turned Neda into a martyr — ignored Marwa's story."

The interview between Couric and Ahmadinejad took place last week, but the searches really started to pop this morning. Web lookups on "marwa ali el sherbini" and "who is marwa ali el sherbini" both spiked into the thousands... (Complete story here.)

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