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"Million Muslim march" to US capitol on 9/11/2013!

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The vast majority of Muslims, both in the USA and worldwide
do not accept the official story of 9/11.

Are Muslims terrorists?

by Isa Hodge, American Muslim Political Action Committee

On September 11th 2001 the tragic events in New York and Washington put all Muslims on trial. Politicians and media outlets spread Islamophobia to the American public. They created fear and hatred for every Muslim man with a beard, every Muslim woman with a head scarf, or anyone speaking a foreign language.

The word “terrorist” became synonymous with Muslims and no one else. According to my research, the definition of terrorism changed on 9/11. The media brandished this ugly word in an orchestrated smear campaign against 1.6 billion Muslims, using techniques designed to manipulate audience emotions.

A terrorist is defined in Merriam-Webster's © 2000 as : “a person or a group of people who use the systematic use of terror especially as a means of coercion.” But after 9/11 the New Dictionary of Cultural Literacy © 2005 defines it as: “Acts of violence committed by groups that view themselves as victimized by some notable historical wrong. They stage unexpected attacks on civilian targets, including embassies and airliners, with the aim of sowing fear and confusion.”

In reality, terrorism is not specific to one group or another; it is sometimes hard to distinguish who is and who isn’t a terrorist. As Gearld Spencer wrote in his book “Harry’s Game” (1975): “ One man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter.”

The word terrorist isn’t about Muslims; it describes a small minority of people from all races and religious beliefs.

At first, the accusation was: “All Muslims are terrorists.” When the media who made this statement realized no one in their right mind would believe that all 1.6 billion Muslims in the world could be terrorists, they reversed their statement to sound more objective and fair: “All Muslims may not be terrorists, but almost all terrorists are Muslims.”


Someone sympathetic to Islam might respond with an example of Timothy McVeigh or the KKK. Yet the average American will continue to watch the mainstream media day in, day out and see pictures of “Muslim terrorists” flashed across the screen or spoken about for hours on the radio.

This is Anders Behring Breivik who on July 22nd 2011 dressed as a policeman and set off a series of explosions with a fully automatic rifle killing 93 people in Oslo Norway. Breivik's online 1500 page manifesto clearly stated his motives for this, as every media outlet called it, “murderous rampage” or “random act of violence” (not terrorism or terror attacks): his hatred of the “Muslimization” of his country had gone too far and he was calling on all conservative Christians to start the 4th Christian Crusade. He advocated deadlier attacks including ones involving the use of Weapons Of Mass Destruction, as reported on ABC World News on July 25th 2011.

So how does the threat from Breivik's "Christian terrorism" compare to the threat from "Muslim terrorism"?

The truth is that Muslims commit very little terrorism, compared to other groups. According to the FBI database there have been 318 terrorist incidents in the US from 1980-2005. That includes 209 bombings and 43 arson. Out of those incidents, 42% were committed by Latino groups, 24% by Extreme Left Wing groups, 7% by Jewish Extremists, 6% by Muslim Extremists, and 5% by Communists.

Also not a single U.S. civilian has been killed by Muslim extremists since 9/11. And only three out of 83 acts of terrorism between 9/11 and 2009 were done by Muslim extremists. Most were by animal rights and environmental activists.

Remember the quote “One man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter"? In 1985, then-President Ronald Reagan received a group of bearded men wearing turbans and looking very mean. After the meeting Reagan said: “These are the moral equivalent of America’s founding fathers.”

The men the President was speaking about were the Afghan Mujahiddin now known as Al Qaeda.

 You may be reluctant to consider the Founding Fathers as terrorists. But their violence was intended to frighten or terrorize enemies. As Ted Robert Gurr writes in Violence in America: Protest, Rebellion, Reform: “Physical violence was commonly used and some groups used torture and lynchings to intimidate and punish Loyalists.”

We as Americans don’t see these as acts of terrorism, but as the acts of freedom fighters, even though England was the ruling government at that time. By today standards they would be terrorists. According to the 2005 definition discussed earlier and The U.S. Code of Federal Regulations (28 C.F.R. Section 0.85) terrorism is "the unlawful use of force and violence ... to intimidate or coerce a government ... in furtherance of political or social objectives.”

So what does Islam say about terrorism?  At the time the Qur'an was revealed (7th century A.D.), there was no United Nations or Amnesty International to keep the peace or expose injustice. Inter-tribal violence and vengeance were commonplace. Nevertheless, the Qur'an repeatedly urges forgiveness and restraint, and warns believers not to "transgress" or become "oppressors." For example:  Chapter 6 verse 151 "...and do NOT take any Human being's life - the life which God has declared to be sacred - otherwise than in pursuit of justice: this has He enjoined upon you so that you might use your reason!”   The Quran clearly forbids us to take any human being's life either Muslim or non-Muslim, unless it be “in pursuit of justice” meaning punishing someone for committing murder or in self defense.

So why do alleged Muslim terrorists usually receive the most coverage despite the fact that they are near the bottom of the list when it comes to terrorist activity - and their religion forbids terrorism?

 Now that the facts are clear, do you think anyone would dare to rephrase the statement and end with “almost all terrorists are…” Latinos, leftists, environmentalists, Christians, Sikhs or Jews? I doubt it. This twisted logic is only applied to Muslims, not anyone else. So next time you hear of a “terrorist,” think of the facts behind the perceptions, not the images from the media infiltrating your mind. As a famous statement goes: “Image is everything.” Indeed, everything but the truth.


  1. This is a wonderful accomplishment and will lead the world towards peaceful behaviors...including peace and justice in Palestine. One of the unintended consequences of such a mobilization, and the TRUTH TELLING about those actually behind and deeply involved in the 9/11 attacks, is that the political stranglehold that AIPAC has on the politicians and political parties holds will be very much exposed and radically diminished. This too will be wonderful because AIAPC is one of the reasnons that we have such an agressive foriegn policy and such a "favor the wealthy" domestic policy. Exposing 9/11 Truth in respectful, thoughtful and unemotional ways will solve many, many problems within the USofA and ultimately the world.

    However, narrowing down the messaging to President Obama, or any other political person or group, is a fundamental mistake.

    The Million Muslim March on WDC for 9/11 Truth should done primarily TO INFORM the people of the USofA and World about the Truths of 9/11...FOR the purposes of challenging the corporate media to stop their cover-up of the 9/11 Attacks...SO THAT the Pentagon, NSA and our Intel agencies are aware that we know that they are complicit in the 9/11 Attacks and to enlighten citizenry...TO EXPOSE that the 9/11 Attacks were another example of "false-flag operations" which are REQUIRED to emotionally manipulate otherwise peaceful citizens to support warring actions...and above all else, to let the world know that there is a world-wide 9/11 Truth Movement for World Peace...and that we all need to work towards "Peace on Earth".

    Robin Hordon
    Kingston, WA

  2. Thank you for your comment Robin. Our mission at AMPAC (American Muslim Political Action Committee)is not to point fingers at who is responsible because no one really knows who is. There is sufficient evidence to show that the story as is is not true. We endeavor to get our politicians to do their job and protect the American public from witch hunts and using our tax dollars to fund wars and help commit genocide on the Palestinians. As President Obama has quoted many times "the best disinfectant is sunshine." Well Mr. President the darkness has gone on long enough time to open the curtains and let the sun light in. So please join our movement and help us to back our politicians into a corner to make a change and help wake the American people to what is really going on in our country.

    Isa Hodge
    Kansas City, MO

  3. Peace be with you Dr Barrett,

    Praise be to Allah, I'm a french muslim and I learnt about you and your story as a professor fired for his political views about global zionism and war on terror.

    I just have to tell you, even if you probably already noticed, that I'm convinced that the overwhelming majority if not the totality of the zionists who spread their venom and used their power to destroy your life know perfectly the truth, i.e 9/11 is a product of american zionism (which, by the way, controls the state of Israel, which is currently just a proxy).

    They deployed a monstruous amount of money and energy to maintain this lie alive among the less educated people (which consists in the majority of people) all around the world, but they are foolishly acting against the never-changing laws of al Haqq (subhanahu wa ta'ala), condemned to fill pierced barrels under the orders of the dajjal. Their efforts are destined to vanish : Indeed, "Inna-l-batila kana zahuqa".

    Actually, nothing is more true. I challenge you to find any GENUINE EDUCATED arab or muslim who actually supports zionism and "war on terror" ad libitum, namely spontaneously and without (financial) restriction to do the contrary. Such a person doesn't exist, and in France, not a single muslim which isn't rotten to the core by the zionists and identified in this way belongs to this category . Such people, who are in a very few number, usually come out from nothing, their own institutionalization among the muslim community is made by the zionists themselves, and they don't have any past record of such a political attitude. I can give you concrete examples like Mohamed Sifaoui or Hassan Chalghoumi.

    On the contrary, there is an OCEAN of people who were born in orthodox, reform or secular jewish families who recognize ad lib the war on terror and 9/11 official story to be garbage, and they usually do this for free, not to supply the lying machine of think-tanks or the CNN/Aljazeera/Fox News/Jew York-Jerusalem Times rubbish. And even if they now write columns for press TV or RT or any serious media, their struggle for truth often predates the very existence of such medias. I don't give more than 50 or a hundred years for the official story to be definitively thrown in the bin by the hole of mankind.

    But now the reality is harsh, french muslims are now in a critical situation. Indeed many uneducated muslims from the french ghettos believe unconsciously that Bin Laden is a true muslim hero who did 9/11, that Al Qaeda is a genuine muslim organization because of a constant brainwashing by mainstream garbage media (who are the same wherever you are in the world), and after a life of delinquency and drug dealing because of a school dropping out (due to poor grades because of government policies which disturb the creation of muslim schools and assign bad teachers and poor resources to public schools in the ghettos), when they try to settle down, stop dealing and go to the mosque, networks of agents from french (zionist) intelligence agency (which also contain lots of "useful idiots" and do not only settle for spying muslims, like prior to 9/11) contact them and send them to afghanistan or anywhere else "for the sake of islam". And it is nearly impossible to prevent this because they ask them, naturally to keep this secret. That is the pathetic story of a man called Mohamed Merah.

    Actually your jihad allowed me, and probably many other muslim youth in the world to see clear in that dark situation. May Allah accept it, make it fructify and reward you.

    Thank you wholeheartedly.

  4. Your extreme islamist groups give TRUE Muslims a bad name! You want to attack and change America, yet in your Islamic countries, one cannot open a Christian church without be persecuted! Christians in Islamic countries are being, MURDERED, RAPED, BEHEADED, PERSECUTED beyond any known immorality! You will never win over America, the world will cease to exist before that is allowed to happen! JESUS IS LORD OVER ALL!!!!!

  5. At least most Muslims who can't express themselves clearly and logically in English have a good excuse: It isn't their first language. People like you, who blather mindlessly despite being native speakers, give Americans a bad name.

    If you did your research, like conservative Christian Rep. Mark Siljander (R-MI) did, you would find that the real Christian gospels in the original Aramaic are almost identical in religious outlook to the Qur'an. The Greek translations were misleading - and the West has lost real Christianity as a result, which is why people like you are so confused. Please read Siljander's "A Deadly Misunderstanding."