Thursday, August 9, 2012

Confence call every Friday, re: creating Muslim American Political Action Committee (AMPAC)

The brand-new American Muslim Political Action Committee (AMPAC) is hosting a conference call  every Friday at 6 pm Central (7 pm Eastern, 4 pm Pacific) to discuss and develop our mission. The Telephone Access Code 1-(559) 726-1000, PIN - 217357#

Here is the email invitation:

From: "MD RABBI  ALAM for Missouri Secretary of State"  rabbituli00(at)yahoo(dot)com
Date: August 9, 2012 3:45:05 AM CDT
Subject: [KC_Muslim_Community] Conference Call With Dr. Kevin Barrett and Educating the Community

Please join me and Dr. Kevin Barrett every Friday at 6:00PM Central Standard Time (CST) and share your thoughts on how to address American Muslim Political Engagement and bring a new generation of hope for PEACE for American Muslims.

The Telephone Access Code 1-(559) 726-1000, PIN - 217357#

This Conference Call will be held on Every Friday for next 60 Months. So make your schedule around this Conference Call.

You can watch the Live Video Casting by visiting online:​channel/ampac

Find the event details online:

Hope you can join the Conference Call and help us to be educated.

* * *

Q: Why another organization? We already have CAIR and ISNA and MPAC and other groups.
A: None of these organizations focuses exclusively on getting Muslims involved in the political process: (1) Getting Muslims elected to office, (2) Getting Muslims out to vote, and (3) Making sure that the views and values of Muslims help make policy in America.

Q: What are “the views and values of Muslims?” Aren't Muslims diverse in their political views?
A: AMPAC will focus on those issues that are of special importance to the Muslim community, and where there is a significant degree of agreement among Muslims. For example, there is widespread agreement in the community (though this is censored by the current leadership) that the “war on terror” is a hoax and that the official story of 9/11 is not true. See: Since Muslims have suffered extreme discrimination due to the phony “war on terror,” this issue deserves to be at the top of Muslims' list of political priorities. Also, the majority of Muslims are pro-peace, anti-Zionist, and opposed to usury (riba). Perhaps most importantly, Muslims oppose corruption (al-fasaad) and support clean, honest and transparent governance. We will support candidates according to their positions on these and other important issues.

Q: Aren't some of these views too “radical”? Won't they alienate non-Muslims?
A: The history of the Jewish-Zionist lobby AIPAC shows that it is more effective to be “radical” and express one's views strongly and honestly, than to be fearful and timid. The best defense is a good offense. Most of our seemingly “radical” positions are closely aligned with the views of the majority of the American people, who oppose the 9/11 wars, want to cut military spending, dislike the Patriot Act and other unconstitutional laws, and hate big bankster usury. Polls even show that 36% of the American people think it is likely that 9/11 was a false-flag operation! That is more people than voted for President Obama.

Q: Will there be any favoritism toward Democrats versus Republicans, since M.D. Alam is a well-known Democrat?
A: No. AMPAC is nonpartisan. But our support for candidates will be partly determined by their positions on issues important to Muslims. For example, in the Republican Party, Mitt Romney is a strong supporter of Zionism and the “war on terror” while Ron Paul is not, so we would be inclined to support Paul over Romney. Another reason to support Ron Paul is that Paul is an opponent of the corrupt, usury-based Federal Reserve monetary system. We believe Muslims should support Ron Paul and other like-minded Republicans, as well as pro-peace and pro-civil-liberties Democrats. Our support for candidates will be determined by their positions on issues important to Muslims, not by which party they belong to.

Q: What, specifically, will AMPAC do?
A: AMPAC will provide monetary support to Muslim and Muslim-friendly political candidates; encourage Muslims to run for office and provide logistical and monetary support to those who run; highlight specific political campaigns deserving of Muslim support; educate American Muslims about the political system and how they can and should get involved; and educate the American public about Muslim values, Muslim involvement in politics, and why Muslims hold the political views that they do.
We hope and expect that all Muslims running for office will contact us so we can list their campaigns on our website and offer America's millions of Muslims a convenient way to donate to their campaigns, and if possible volunteer.
Once we are up and running, we hope to have a newsletter aimed at politically mobilizing Muslims. We will also regularly issue press releases to the general media designed to educate non-Muslims and win support for our positions and activities, and solicit TV and radio interviews and news stories.

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