Friday, May 6, 2011

Muslims for 9/11 Truth co-founder Kevin Barrett speaking in Turkey in May, Germany in June

Kevin Barrett at a speaking engagement at Bradley University, sponsored by the Muslim Student Association. About 80% of Muslims worldwide, and 60% in the US, know 9/11 was an inside job.

Kevin Barrett, Ph.D. Arabist-Islamologist and co-founder of Muslims for 9/11 Truth, will be visiting Turkey (May) and Germany (June) in a bid to build international support for the 9/11 truth movement.

Barrett's tour reflects an increase of interest in 9/11 truth among Muslims worldwide (roughly 80% of whom have known it was an inside job since September 2001) and Germans (89% of whom doubt the official myth of 9/11 according to a recent poll).

"I am honored by the invitation to visit Turkey, which is becoming a beacon of Islamic democracy and a staunch opponent of Zionism, fascism, and false-flag terror," Barrett said. "When Turkey was threatened by a massive wave of false-flag terror by the same kind of fascists who did 9/11, Turkish authorities succeeded in breaking up the conspiracy. Google Ergenekon for details. If American law enforcement had half the integrity of their Turkish counterparts, Cheney and his friends would have been jailed in mid-2001, the Twin Towers would still be standing, millions of murdered Iraqis and Afghanis would still be alive, and the U.S. would still be a democracy."

Barrett also complimented the German educational system for producing a population with Europe's lowest rate of cognitive disability: Less than 11% believe the official 9/11 fairy tale. "The Germans have always been educational innovators. They produced the first kindergartens and the first modern universities. Maybe they can offer the U.S. some suggestions about how to raise the general population beyond its current kindergarten-level understanding of the world."

For details about Barrett's speaking engagements, stay tuned to this website and/or to TruthJihad blog.

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  1. Update: I've been speaking to packed halls of various sizes, usually around 100, every night in a different Turkish city or town. The audiences are unanimously supportive and enthusiastic. Most Turks including almost all Turkish intellectuals doubted the official story from the beginning, so they are happy to learn about the 9/11 truth movement in the US. Last night we had a big event in Konya with over 1,000 people in attendance. Also doing TV and newspaper interviews -- tomorrow's TV interview will have an audience of 60 million or so I'm told. And just a few days ago, the former Turkish intelligence minister (stepped down two years ago) did a big newspaper interview in which he ridiculed the official story of 9/11 and said it was an inside job. I'll be providing a translation here soon insha'allah.
    -Kevin Barrett