Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Who Is the Better Muslim?

One who is theologically correct but cowardly, or one who walks in footsteps of the Prophet SAAS and companions by speaking truth to power?

This video was forwarded by a brother who writes:

"A lot of people criticize him and what he's teaching in the name of Islam (including myself).
But, watch and ask yourself: Why isn't our so-called 'Muslim leadership' this passionate about exposing those devils? They may not be able to physically change it at the moment i.e.: 'If there is a wrong, change it with your hand.' But what about the next verse: 'If not that, change it with your tongue.' Where are all of their voices? Also, ask yourself, who put all of these tongueless people in charge? Did you? I didn't. If I chose to put someone in charge of being responsible for protecting the dignity of Muslims (and humanity at large) I certainly would choose someone with a tongue and strong back, and not someone whose knees are knocking together so loudly that you would not be able to hear their voice, even if they were to have one.
DEMAND that they speak, or find someone else who will!!!"


  1. Good, good tell this to your friend Obama, but he knows already, I guess... Never heard Farakhan it was a dual citizen american-israeli job... if so please ask the brother who send you the video to provide...

    Jazak Allah kheyren

  2. "And send your babies to die for Bullshit!" (Louis Farrakhan)
    I like this brother.