Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Hamid Karzai: US Private "Security" Firms Spread False-Flag Terror

Apparently the Empire of Lies can't even prevent the puppet presidents of the countries it occupies from telling the truth about US-Zionist false-flag terror.

Hamid Karzai may have sliced a few puppet strings yesterday by openly bragging about taking "bags of money" from Iran - whose President Ahmadinejad recently spoke out for 9/11 truth on the floor of the UN, and received a standing ovation from the representatives of the majority of nations on earth.

In addition to vaunting his growing ties with 9/11-truth-seeking Iran, Karzai has banned US private "security" firms from Afghanistan as of Dec. 17th, on the grounds that these firms are spreading false-flag terror. The New York Times reported today:

The Afghan president said security companies were responsible for a litany of bloody crimes against the country’s people. “When this money comes to Afghanistan, it causes insecurity in Afghan homes and causes the killing of Afghan children and causes explosions and terrorism in Afghanistan, ” Mr. Karzai said. He leveled several accusations against Western interests in Afghanistan and the news media, even going so far as to say that the security companies were interchangeable with the Taliban. “In fact we don’t know how many of the explosions are the fault of the Taliban and how much by them, ” said Mr. Karzai, referring to the security companies.

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  1. very good, then they say he got some money from Iran, he iss a terrorist