Tuesday, September 21, 2010

'9/11 Unveiled' presented to President Ahmadinejad

September 21, 2010
The Wisdom Fund

'9/11 Unveiled' presented to President Ahmadinejad (who has called 9/11 a "big lie")

Yesterday in New York, Mr. Enver Masud, founder of The Wisdom Fund, presented his book "9/11 Unveiled" to Dr. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, President of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

The occasion was a private dinner at the Warwick hotel in New York City hosted by Mohammad Khazaee, the Permanent Representative of the Islamic Republic of Iran to the United Nations.

Approximately 50 Muslim leaders, including Minister Farrakhan and representatives of the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR), Muslim American Society (MAS), Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA), Truth & Justice Foundation attended.

Following dinner, President Ahmadinejad met with guests and invited questions and comments. He responded to each of them.

In his response to Mr. Masud's statement that the official account of 9/11 is false, President Ahmadinejad stated that he would read Mr. Masud's book "9/11 Unveiled".

President Ahmadinejad is scheduled to address the UN General Assembly on Thursday.

"9/11 Unveiled" was mailed to President Obama and Attorney General Holder on March 24, 2009, and has since been presented to several US government officials.

"9/11 Unveiled" is available free at The Wisdom Fund.


  1. 9/11 Unveiled is a really good, brief run-down of information undermining the official story.

  2. 911blogger won't cover this huge story because:
    (1) Masud and Ahmadinejad are Muslims and 911blogger doesn't like Muslims or care what they think -- besides, they're bad PR.
    (2) Masud tells the truth about the Pentagon not being hit by a passenger plane, which 911blogger would prefer to cover up because it completely absolves Muslims by proving "no hijackers."
    (3) Ahmadinejad doesn't like Zionists, which makes him a really bad guy as well as bad PR for 9/11 truth.
    (4) Jon "Zionists for 9/11 Truth" Gold wouldn't approve.

  3. Very good second comment, people, zionists and their slaves, are afraid that Muslims are coming up saying loudly it's an israeli job, this completely breaks their agenda of destruction of the islamic creed from within.... Panic in Tel Aviv generates islamophobia, I strongly applaud and I am delighted that Enver and Kevin and many other Muslims who dare to say in public that 911 was an israeli job... now I never covered the missile hiting the pentagone for one and simple reason in my blog or any other webistes I have worked with...

    This is the reason : First story about missile was brought ot the world by french writer Thierry Meyssan (originaly from the Mayssane province in Iraq) and his pal Paul Henry Brunel.... Paul Henry Brunel was a french military spy from DGSE, as you know fake islamic groups slaughtered innocents in Algeria were coming from training camps in ex-yougoslavia, these camps were under french military and some other by french FBI managements, there were camps in Morocco as well... Pierre Henry Brunel was a pal of the fake anti-terrorist juge Jean Louis Bruguiere, directly linked in the cover up of the fake islamic groups GIAs and israeli mossad, this is entirely proved...

    Second point, I can show a video where Meyssan is saying that those who believe that mossad carried out the attacks during 911 are nuts... first video (you speak french Kevin, here you go :http://www.egaliteetreconciliation.fr/Entretien-avec-Thierry-Meyssan-3899.html ) and the second video where Meyssan is interviewed by iranian TV al Sahar and says the exact opposite (http://www.egaliteetreconciliation.fr/Emission-speciale-11-septembre-avec-Thierry-Meyssan-4112.html), I can be wrong in my understanding but here there is something fishy.

    Last point why Chirac was the first in ground zero the 12th September, why our servers and computers were seized by french military secret service the 11 september when stcom.net wrote that 911 was an israeli job, with the complicity of french zionist jews (affaire Moussawi), german zionist jews (fake Hamburg cells) and british zionist jews (Barak saying on the BBC 2 minutes after the first attack, it is an OBL job, financial support)....

    After this only french FBI (DST, today DCRI) were behind us faking my passport, trying to make me arrested everywhere...
    I don't know the motivation of certain people but we are bleeding every day, this is not a game, we are getting killed every day, hundred of thousands jailed, raped, this is not a game, we are not playingg with human life, they are loosing all their wars in the muslim countries, you american european are the next target as they will need to prove that they are still the masters in the west... but they won't be able to do it as we the western muslims are resisting here, that's why they want to bury us under huge campagin of islamophobia, but it is not working, only in the controlled media... we aqre succedding forwarding you the truth about terrorism, and resisting their assaults, if we can do it, you non-muslim you can do it as well... if you want know where do we get this energy, go a seek information to your muslim friends or local mosques...

    wa Allahj swt 'alam

    wa Allah 'alam

  4. We'd never seen anything like 9/11. Except we had, and didn't recognize it. We needn't go back to Operation Northwoods, the Lavon Affair, or the other false flag conspiracies of suppressed history. Just two summers before, nearly identical mechanisms of terror and control were deployed upon the Russian people to consolidate the transfer of power to Vladimir Putin, who was facing his first election, and to provide the pretext to invade Chechnya.

    Four apartment complexes had been bombed and 300 killed. Putin promised to "liquidate all terrorists." He proclaimed Russia was facing a war between "good" and "evil." "It's our boys," said Putin, fanning war fever and hysteria, "against terrorists" belonging to an "international Islamic conspiracy."

    Residents in the city of Ryazan discovered a huge bomb in their basement and called the local police. Initially, federal authorities claimed terrorists had been thwarted, but when the perpetrators were apprehended shortly thereafter by Ryazan police, and found to be agents of Russia's security service FSB, the story changed: it was now claimed to have been an "exercise," and the sack of explosive hexogen was said to have contained nothing but "sugar." In 2002, an incurious Duma voted against a parliamentary inquiry into the bombing campaign.

    The war in Chechnya is ongoing. 10% of the Chechen population is dead. Thousands of Russian conscript soldiers are dead.

    Disbelief, a documentary regarding the bombings and the revelation of state guilt, may be viewed here: http://video.google.ca/videoplay?docid=7658755847655738553&q=Disbelief

    Not only by history's precedence, but by current events, 9/11 isn't really that extraordinary.

    It's interesting to note how Western pundits who would likely dismiss as nonsense the mere suggestion of a 9/11 conspiracy have no problem at all assessing the Russian apartment bombings as state terror. David Satter, a fellow of the Hoover Institution and the Hudson Institute and former Moscow correspondent for the Financial Times of London, wrote "The Shadow of Ryazan" with funding from the Smith Richardson Foundation, an abbreviated version of which was published by The National Review: http://www.nationalreview.com/comment/comment-satter043002.asp

    It's funny how easily the generalized dismissals of conspiracy, such as how it "meets a psychological need," or that "something so big couldn't be kept a secret," vanish into one's political blind spots. That is, to the opinion makers, conspiracy can be the most reasonable explanation of events, so long as it's OVER THERE, and it's something THEY do. Satter finds the FSB guilty of waging a false-flag terror campaign against the Russian people and pronounces the Putin regime illegitimate, but don't expect him to be called a kook in a tinfoil hat for it.



  5. Salaam,

    Please could you keep this video for the coming November election...