Sunday, November 8, 2009

Letter to Muslim leaders, re: Palestinian Muslim "lone nut" blamed for Ft. Hood shooting

Dear Muslim Leaders and Media Specialists,
As-Salaamu Alaykum wa Rahmat Ullaahi wa Barakaatuh.

There comes a time when a conscientious citizen of the world has to admit the existence of radical evil, even in the ranks of his own government, when all the relevant signs emerge.

Such admissions do not come easy. It requires mature faith. Learned Muslims know that Shayton(Satan) participates in human institutions and tries to interfere with even the best intentions of good people. People of good faith seek refuge in God.

In recent history, this problem has reached a boiling point with the emergence of unprecedented FALSE FLAG attacks, implicating Musilms individually and collectively. (For those who don't know, a FALSE FLAG ATTACK is when a government shoots itself in the foot in order to sound an alarm about phony "foreign invaders and infiltrators." Hitler did it with the Reichstag fire, and moved on to establish martial law and dictatorship.)

The Muslim community collectively has failed to mature to the point where this phenomenon is understand in precise terms. The more alert among us create conspiracy theories without hard facts, while being propelled by good intentions. The diplomatic among us seek to distance our community from individual deviants.

This week is a turning point for Muslims in this regard. The Fort Hood attacks could NOT have happened the way that public officials are describing. Something is missing, in fact, many vital points are missing from a would-be realistic portrait. We need to wake up or suffer the backlash. We must come clean and play our role as informed citizens.

Start with motive. The attacks are a public relations, propaganda bonanza for America's military machine: "We have more enemies than we can count in more places than we can account for. Stand tall and march with greater determination." Then, vague "Muslim" figures are increasingly painted in the deepening shadows of doubt and public peril, if not simply via guilt by association.

Next, look at feasibility. Can someone standing on top of a desk firing at random on troops trained-for-street-battles-in-Iraq, can such a person in the span of a minute fire 13 lethal shots with deadly accuracy. Will the would-be victims stand tall like target-dummies and puff up their chests and let their faces shine for the bullets? That's what the media and official sources would lead us to believe.

Let Muslims of every age understand one or two nuances here: The zone of a lethal bullet-shot is very limited in size and can only be successfully targeted in close range bullet-discharges. Someone firing into a crowd will not score well as a marksman, at least not in the span of a minute or two, which is the time-frame here. [The lethal zone in question is basically head, neck and heart.]

Next, note the lack of transparency. There is a near total shutdown of substantive, objective coverage of the actual event. Instead, we are treated to innuendos vis-a-vis the suspects idiosyncratic behavior. "Objective reporting" consists of contradictory leaks, sometimes involving several shooters.

As with the Nine Eleven attacks, the overwhelming majority of relevant evidence may be in the process of being destroyed as we speak. Eye-witness testimonies contradicting the official version of events are being sequestered. One or two "witnesses"(perhaps participants) in the massacre could confirm the offical version. Contrary testimonies may take years to emerge, when it is too late to make a difference. The alleged perpetrator may not be brought to trial because of a managed comatose state if not death itself. Thus the government will not be required to publish details of the event. In the meantime, Muslims locally and globally take the brunt of blame for not controlling, containing, healing or expelling the violent radicals in our midst.

ISNA is right in treating the event as a CRIME. If this had been done with the Nine Eleven Attacks, the real perpetrators would have seen justice long ago. The question is: Will we exhibit straightforward character here, as Muslims should?

Intelligent Muslims leaders must remain calm and collected and demand due process. If the government claims that it cannot publish its sources, or if a reasonable period of time passes without transparency, our leaders should speak out in condemnation of this manipulated propaganda event. Justice postponed is justice denied.

Standing firm in this way, Muslims can be a catalyst for social reform and a dynamic factor in purging government of extremism.

Maalik Bennett
Islamic Studies Lecturer, University of Petronas

* * *

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    has the strongest argument to re-open the case with a very independent inquiry-body, focusing on possible complicity of officials at many levels, "greasing the skids" for this pivotal event to have a desired nature, scope and impact:

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