Thursday, September 29, 2011

Lamestream media rehashes The Onion's al-Qaeda parody

Watch The Onion's parody of "al-Qaeda" vs. 9/11 truth

Many years ago, the Onion staged a "debate" between al-Qaeda and 9/11 truth.

Now the Zionist-dominated media - a category that obviously includes "al-Qaeda's English-language magazine" - is ripping off the Onion, sort of like Cracked Magazine might rip off Mad Magazine.

Check out these lame re-hashes of the Onion's hilarious parody:

BBC: Al Qaeda chides Iran over 9/11 'conspiracy theories'

Fox News: Al Qaeda in Yemen Call Ahmadinejad a 9/11 Truther

New York Times: Stop the Conspiracy Theories, Al Qaeda Tells Iranian Leader

The Guardian: Al-Qaida calls on Ahmadinejad to end 9/11 conspiracy theories

Daily Mail: Now even Al Qaeda tells Iran's Ahmadinejad to stop the conspiracy theories blaming the U.S. for 9/11

ABC News:
Al Qaeda to Iran: Stop Spreading 9/11 Conspiracy Theory

Has "Al-Qaeda" become just another reality TV show? And now that the Osama character has been killed off, will the new leader be the ADL's naughty stepchild, Adam Gadahn?

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