Sunday, February 20, 2011

M911T Co-Sponsors SANDER HICKS in Madison, Wisconsin

In collaboration with We Are Change - Wisconsin and Christians for 9/11 Truth, Muslims for 9/11 Truth is sponsoring a symposium on engagé alternative media featuring Sander Hicks.

One of New York City's best-known peace, truth and justice advocates, Sander Hicks founded Vox Pop bookstore, Soft Skull Press, and now...the Truth Party!

Sander Hicks is meticulous researcher, journalist and author, and a Christian social justice advocate in the Catholic Worker tradition. He has proven his willingness to engage in frank and fruitful interfaith dialogue aimed at averting the kind of "Clash of Civilizations" that 9/11 was designed to trigger.

Sander's book The Big Wedding documents the struggles of 9/11 whistleblowers who knew the "terrorist attack" was coming, tried to prevent the tragedy, and later struggled to expose the truth. More recently he has been working to expose the revelations of murdered 9/11 witness Dr. David Graham.

The seminar "Digital Age Revolution: DIY Media, Red Pill Issues" will examine the role of fully-independent media, including social networking websites, in radical social change. Did the Tunisian and Egyptian revolutions happen because the people learned just how badly they were being lied to, thanks to the new fully-independent media? Could exposing the truth about "red pill" issues including the secret dictatorship of the Federal Reserve bankers, the collapse of American democracy, false-flag terror including 9/11, the ongoing annihilation of the middle class, and the state-sanctioned political assassinations of JFK, RFK, MLK, Paul Wellstone and countless others help trigger a new American revolution? Could a Truth Party, dedicated to exposing the biggest lies of the ruling elite, lead that revolution?

Symposium participants include:

Sander Hicks, founder, The Truth Party

Eric Sayward, We Are Change - Wisconsin

Phil Zimmerman,, Christians for 9/11 Truth

Kevin Barrett, Muslims for 9/11 Truth

Please come and join us!

Sunday, Feb. 27th * 1-3 p.m. * Wil-Mar Center
953 Jennifer St. * Madison, WI * Info: 249-1588

We will go Willy St. café-hopping with Sander after the event...and maybe join the ongoing revolution at the Wisconsin State Capitol!

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