Friday, December 4, 2009

Imam Abdul Alim Musa

From the website of the Defamation League, an extremist group dedicated to defaming anyone who speaks the truth about Zionism:

October 5, 2006:
Alim Musa spoke at a protest organized by the antiwar group World Can't Wait outside the White House in Washington, DC. Claiming September 11 was a conspiracy by the American government, Alim Musa stated:

"We got to get rid of this new Hitler. Just like Hitler burned the Reichstag, to gain full power over the people, George Bush brings down the World Trade Center, blames it on us [Muslims] and then claims himself dictator over the world. So we're here to say it's all over for George."

January 2004: In an interview in the San Francisco Bay View, Alim Musa talked about September 11 and other issues. In the interview, Alim Musa stated:

"When 9/11 happened, the only people who understood it really was Black people. They know that when you have an election-stealing president that has no credibility, he needs something to make him presidential.

"If you remember before 9/11, the big conference they held in Durban, South Africa, Black people was attuned to Zionism is racism, we know that as a people. Amerikkka [original spelling] needed something to take them off of the most-hated list, but it never worked."

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