Thursday, June 4, 2009

Muslim Marine Vet for Truth Silenced by Cops!

Police File Restraining Order Against U.S. Marine 9/11 Truther (video here)

By Martin Hill
June 4, 2009

In what appears to be a chilling attempt to suppress free speech, religious expression and dissent against government, a local police department in Southern California has filed for a restraining order which would prevent a U.S. Marine vet from coming in contact with any one of hundreds of city employees and police department employees.
Watch June 1, 2009 video interview with Mohammed Abdullah: Police File For Restraining Order Against 9/11 Truther/ Anti-War Activist

Part 2: Police File Restraining Order Against U.S. Marine 9/11 Truther

Watch video of interview with Mohammed Abdullah in early April 2009 before the retraining order was filed. Notice the Pomona Police Car circling him at the start of the video.
Muslim USMC Vet Fired From Job For 9/11 Truth Sign

Mohammed Abdullah of Pomona, CA, a Muslim and U.S. Marine veteran who is active in the 9/11 truth movement, is the subject of an attempted restraining order recently filed by the Pomona CA police department.

Mohammed has been standing on the public sidewalk outside the Pomona Police dept. with a sign and copies of dvd documentaries to pass out to interested parties regarding what Abdullah refers to as the "9/11 inside job", which he contends was orchestrated by criminal elements of the U.S. government.

Whereas restraining orders are usually sought by the public at their local police station, this case involves the police department itself, seeking a protective restraining order against Abdullah. All City of Pomona employees as well as the entire Pomona police department is listed as the plantiff in what appears to be an over-the-top absurd attempt to silence this 9/11 truth activist. Glaringly absent from the order, however, is any mention of 9/11 truth. The order focuses instead on his opposition to corrupt government and the Iraq war, and his recent mention of torture committed by U.S. troops in Iraq against Muslims. The attachment begins, ""During the last several months defendant has lectures passersby over the wrongful acts of the U.S. government and the war in Iraq". Abdullah says he recently printed some of the publicly available torture photos which were released by the government and published in the mainstream media, and offered to show the photos to those passing by.

The complaint reads, in part,
"On Tuesday, May 26, 2009, Defendant became much more aggressive in his conduct near the PPD driveway. On that date, at least 7 ppd employees were targeted by defendants comments as they walked to work. Defendant made statements to the 7 employees that many have never heard defendant make before. Defendant make (sic) the following statements regarding the sexual misconduct of U.S. soldiers in Iraq: "have you seen the pictures soldiers recieving forced oral copulation by the Iraqi women?" "Come and see the pictures of butt-naked Iraqis" and after the employees to look (sic) at the pictures, "This is American democracy. What do you think?"

Abdullah states that no employee ever took him up on his offer to view the photos, although many officers have given him the thumbs up and spoke to him about 911 over the past several months. Several female employees have approached him to talk about 9/11. and several officers took 9/11 dvds including Loose Change 2, Terror Storm, 9/11 Mysteries and a lecture by Theologan Dr. David Ray Griffin.

The allegation continues,

"Plantiff respectfully requests that the Temporary Restraining Order ("TRO") ordering defendant to not assault, batter or stalk employees, and stay away from the all City Police department buildings, city hall, and public employee parking lots (including, but not limited to the parking lot at 6th and Park) extend to all Pomona Police Department and City of Pomona employees. Defendant has a pattern of contacting all employees entering the Police department and has been known to move to various locations around public buildings"

The order goes on to state, "because of Defendants erratic offensive and irrational behavior, many employees fear for their personal safety as they walk to and from the Police department. Many employees are concerned that if the employee does not engage or listen to defendant, defendant may harass or physically assault them". It also includes the line "This injunction shall not apply to defendant's legitiate, City-related business with City employees and/or Police Department officers."

Abdulah feels this is an attempt by the FBI and Pomona police dept. to intimidate and silence his God-given Constitutionally protected right to dissent and engage the public about 9/11, unjust premptive war and torture of Muslims worldwide. He believes that he is morally bound to defend Islam against the false allegations that Muslims were responsible for 9/11/01, and says that the government's attempt to shut him up "will not work". Abdulah, who has never had any sort of criminal record, says government is trying to demonize him and saddle him with a "criminal jacket" in order to stifle what has shown to be his effective dissent in reaching out to law enforcement officers.

Abdullah's court hearing at which he will respond to these allegations is Friday June 12th at Pomona Superior Court. Here is an interview conducted on June 1 2009 where he discusses this case. He reads his response to the charges at the end of the video interview.

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  1. When we all come together and have a real investigation. Dick Cheney and His evil female clone will once and for all be indicted or convicted of murder and it will show exactly what kind of sociopaths have been running our country. They are scared to death to finally have an investigation and his conscience is trying to put back that fear in people to rule through coercion he loves so much!