Monday, April 20, 2009

Faiz Khan, M.D., 9/11 First Responder, Speaks Out for Truth

Dr. Faiz Khan is a Muslim scholar and educator as well as an M.D. with a dual specialty in emergency and internal medicine. He has been living and working in New York City since 1969. A 9/11 first responder, he has been in the forefront of post-9/11 peace and education efforts in New York and elsewhere. He is well-known as a staunchly outspoken opponent of terror in all its guises, and has participated in two memorial services for the victims of 9/11, as well as the New York group Muslims Against Terrorism. Dr. Khan is the author of 9/11: An Islamic Perspective” published by Belief Net in their selection of essays on religion and 9/11. An Assistant Imam at two New York area mosques, Dr. Kahn has treated subjects related to Islam, politics, and 9/11 at numerous speaking engagements and publications. He also served as assistant producer to the film Becoming Muslim – Submitting to Allah in America. Dr. Khan writes of his extensive educational efforts post-9/11: “Among my goals has been to clearly demonstrate that the recurrent cycles of violence witnessed of late havenothing to do with authentic practice of any religion; rather, it is lack thereof which is combined with various geopolitical, social and economic/corporate agendas which serve as root causes that often hide in the guise of religion or just as often, if not more frequently, political ideology – a trend which only superficial or irresponsible analyses fail to elucidate.”

Read Dr. Khan's immediate response to 9/11 , written before compelling evidence surfaced that it was an inside job.

Below is a link to a version of his essay from 9/11 and American Empire v.2: Christians, Jews and Muslims Speak Out, which explores the reasons why American Muslims have "dropped the ball" on 9/11.

The Paralysis of Discourse; The Incompetence of Academia, and The Need for an Accurate Diagnosis

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